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24 movie Live Updates

May 17, 2016 06:18 AM 24 movie Live Updates

Updated at 12:00AM

Movie completed. Stay tuned for review

Updated at 11:48AM

A twist and film gets intriguing once again

Updated at 11:45AM

Suriya does a great job as Athreya

Updated at 11:26AM

Some light hearted scenes and Prema parichayame song started

Updated at 11:13AM

Emotional scenes between Suriya and Saranya

Updated at 11:09AM

Brilliantly conceived scenes are on now

Updated at 10:58AM

Second half commences.

Updated at 10:51AM

First half ends on a tense note. So far the film is superb. Vikram Kumar impresses once again. Suriya is outstanding in three roles.

Updated at 10:48AM

Stunning interval bang

Updated at 10:40AM

An intriguing scene and film is heading towards interval

Updated at 10:30AM

Third song Prema Nee valle started

Updated at 10:14AM

Cute scenes between Suriya and Samantha

Updated at 10:03AM

After a couple of stunning sequences, now time for second song Kaalam naa preyasi

Updated at 9:57AM

Film gets interesting. Revolves around a watch and time travel

Updated at 9:40AM

Samantha enters. She looks alluring

Updated at 9:38 AM

Young Suriya makes entry

Updated at 9:33 AM

Visuals are breathtaking

Updated at 9:28 AM

Some tense moments

Updated at 9:25 AM

Athreya enters. He is menacing

Updated at 9:22 AM

First song laalijo started

Updated at 9:15 AM

Hello all. Movie just started.Suriya as scientist makes entry. Nitya also enters

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