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24 Movie Review

May 06, 2016 03:10 AM
24 Movie Review
  • Release date : May 6th, 2016
  • Director : Vikram Kumar
  • Producer : Suriya
  • Music Director : A. R. Rahman
  • Starring : Suriya, Samanha Ruth Prabhu, Nithya Menen ....

Well- Conceived & Brilliantly Executed

Suriya's much anticipated sci-fi thriller '24' has finally hit the screens today. Directed by Vikram K Kumar of 'Manam' fame, the film has Suriya playing triple role. Nitya Menen and Samantha play the female leads in the film.


Suriya plays three roles Siva Kumar, Athreya and Mani in this movie. In 1990, Siva Kumar, a scientist, makes a watch named '24'. Using the watch one can travel backward and forward in time. His evil brother Athreya eyes on that watch, so as to take control of time. One day, Athreya tries to grab the watch from Siva Kumar and in the process, Siva Kumar and his wife (Nitya Menen) get killed and Athreya enters a vegetative state due to an accident. Cut to 2016, Siva Kumar's son Mani, who misses being killed at the hands of his uncle, stumbles upon the miraculous watch. He is a watch mechanic and when he comes to know about the power of '24', he starts using it for fun. At the same time, Athreya gets back to consciousness from coma and he is on a mission to get back the watch. The rest of the story is all about his efforts to get back the watch..


Suriya delivers one of his career best performances. He effortlessly shows variations in the three roles. He shocks audiences with his superb performance in the negative role, Athreya and is excellent in the other two roles too. Samantha looks cute and she is at her best. Though she played a brief role, Nitya Menen looks very good. Senior actress Saranya, Ajay, Harshavardhan, Satyan etc do justice to their roles.

Technical aspects

The visuals in '24' and breath-taking. Cinematographer Tirru does a great job. A.R.Rahman's songs are beautiful and are well-shot. The background score is also excellent. Director Vikram Kumar's story and screenplay, especially the way he has presented the 'Freezing' concept are extraordinary. Some of his ideas are out-of-the box and he once proved his worth as a director. The production values of Suriya's 2D Entertainment are very good.

Plus points

Suriya's brilliant performance in three roles, especially in negative role

Cute love track and comedy

Story, screenplay and direction

Out-of-the box ideas


Music and BGM

Minus points

A couple of dragged scenes in second half


'24' is a well-conceived and well-made film. Vikram Kumar's out-of-the box ideas and the way he dealt the complex concept is praiseworthy. He made the complex subject look simple. The film is also entertaining and few scenes in the love track between Suriya and Samantha are very good. As scientist Siva Kumar, baddie Athreya and watch mechanic Mani, Suriya impresses and this film will be a memorable one for him. Some scenes like the one where Suriya freezes time and makes Indian cricket team win a match just to make some children and his love interest happy are very good. The climax is also well executed. All in all, this film is brilliantly made sci-fi movie.


'24' is well-conceived and brilliantly executed film. Must watch. Rating 3.25/5

Review by Telugureporter Team

24 Movie
May 6th, 2016

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