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A Aa Critic Review By Pavan Survi

Jun 02, 2016 11:36 PM A Aa Critic Review By Pavan Survi

Star-cast : Nithiin Reddy, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Anupama Parameshwaran, Nadhiya, Ananya, Srinivas Reddy, Ananya, Ali and Rao Ramesh.

Director : Trivikram Srinivas

Music : Mickey J Meyer

Producer : S. Radha Krishna

Censor Certificate : U

Runtime : 154 Minutes.

As a big fan of Trivikram Srinivas, I remember almost 10 years back, buying ticket for the first show of “Athadu” at triple price and then sitting in the top row of a packed show with people whistling and clapping on the every scene of Athadu initial part. And now comes a day when I easily get a ticket for the first show of “Anasuya Ramalingam V/s Anand Vihari” from the window itself and become a part of not so excited viewers watching the movie in the theatre , with no claps or shouts or whistles.

Surely times have changed a lot, and surprisingly “Trivikram Srinivas” sir has also changed his style of filmmaking. But the sad part is that the change of his style is not coming up good enough for the audience. As witnessed in his last couple of movies, “A Aa” too has its merits but falls short of the expectations from the famous “Maatala Mantrikudu” of Tollywood. The discouraging opening response must be due to the unimpressive and confusing promos which were not able to explain what the movie was. Even Nithiin and Samantha looked puzzled in their acts in the aired promos.

Coming to the movie itself, the movie starts off with Nithiin, Samantha, Naresh and Nadiya (as Samantha’s father & mother) with their family angle. 45 minutes into the movie & the same goes on and on with no sign of Anupama Parameswaran. This makes the viewer restless as it is too lengthy and should have been trimmed heavily. Then with the news of Nithiin’s father dying flash back story moves on and introducing Anu (Samantha) with new issues with Nithin’s family. After everyone is there on the screen the story goes into the “money” & drama with a predictable twist in the form of “love.”

The locations are fresh, A S Prakash sets are good, couples of songs are nicely shot, but nothing hits the right note. Everyone looks playing his part knowingly that something is wrong and not working. There are very few scenes to watch out for and it all seems to be lengthy and repetitive (like the Inorbit mall sequence in the film). The most lacking part is the story and screenplay of the movie which does not give ample scope to any actor in particular.

The film mainly moves around Nithiin & Samantha with Ananya taking the limelight in important scenes post interval. Both Nithiin and Samantha look okay as a couple but it is not one of their best movies. However I liked Nithin in the pre climax scene when he confronts before Samantha. He never looks like acting and this throws a pleasant surprise (for the characterization he has been given…). While being good in comedy thats given for him, “A Aa” gives him ample opportunity to showcase his emotional side as well. Samantha Ruth prabhu has nothing much to perform as the love sequences are subtle and underplayed in the film. Rao Ramesh manages to raise guffaws with his typical slang and Trivikram punch lines. Sr Naresh & Nadiya proves to be apt choice for Samantha’s parent’s role. Premam fame Anupama Parameswaran is a natural performer without doubt. Her facial expression and her picture perfect image are highlights of the otherwise dud fare. She has made a decent attempt to act and passes off in her facial expressions. Eswari Rao has a prominent role in the film, but post the hospital scene Trivikram forgets about her characterization. Ananya in a supporting role makes her presence felt, while there is an additional supporting cast with the names as Srinivas Reddy, Shakalakka Shankar, Hariteja, Giri Babu, Srinivas Avasarala and Ajay, just to name a few.

“Anasuya Ramalingam Vs Anand Vihari” is a merely an age old story (Like Meena (1973), Kandireega) that tries to masquerade under the grab of a fresh flick by bringing in errr.. a few scenes from Trivikram (Son of Satya Murthy, Attarintiki Daredi, Jalsa, Khaleja) earlier films. Making inspired scenes drive the narrative and you are left with an age old fashioned story that starts, proceeds and ends exactly as you think it would.

“A Aa” has dialogue as insipid as, after a suicide attempt doctor says “Meeru Kathi Kone place Marchali Padunu ga ledhu”. The comedy just gets more tedious and unfunny as the film progresses. Except for a couple of jokes (by Rao Ramesh), nothing and I mean nothing can salvageable in this tedious of a film.

In Telugu, we have films catering to all sensibilities. Like you can’t expect a Julayi out of an “S/O Satyamurthy” or vice-versa, you can easily expect a typical Trivikram film from Anasuya Ramalingam Vs Anand Vihari. I just expected original writing, rounded characters and a stronger story line!

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