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A big plush gift from Naga Shaurya to 'Chalo' director

Feb 13, 2018 11:31 PM
Naga Shaurya-Venky Kudumula

"Chalo" movie gave Naga Shaurya huge and unimaginable success after a long time. The film topped even at the box office collections. It grossed 700,00 dollars in USA making it the biggest hit for the actor so far.

Moreover, the film was produced by the actor's own home production. This will further give him colossal profits.

Naga Shaurya expressed his happiness about his current status, thanking the director Venky Kudumula. He has decided to present an expensive the director as a token of love.

The Debut director Venky Kudumula will be presented a costly car and the actor has booked car too.

Also, Venky Kudumula is currently busy with three big projects in hand, collaborating with famous production houses.

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