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Aadi Interview about Garam

Apr 13, 2016 07:00 AM aadi-interview-garam

Young hero Aadi, is back with his family entertainer Garam. On the eve of the film’s release, we caught up with him for a brief interview. Let’s see what he has to say.

Why did you take such a long gap ?

Even though I was doing films back to back, things were not working out fine for me. So I took a brief gap and worked hard on the script and then only went on to the floors. All this took a lot of time and finally I am here with a good project.

How was the entire experience in working under your own production ?

Oh ! I have immense respect for producers even more now. The problems and tensions they go through to complete their film is huge and I came to know that only after acting in my own banner. I also feel that every hero should produce a film to know what problems the producers go through

Initially, what made you produce the film in the first pace ?

The way a feel good element was narrated in a complete commercial way attracted me and my dad big time. Even my character was quite unique and gave me a lot of scope to perform.

How was it working Madan ?

He is an experienced director who has done some interesting films in the past. The moment we locked the script, we thought that Madan was the apt choice and he too did complete justice to the script.

What have your previous films taught you ?

After doing seven films, I clearly understood that story and director are important than anything else. If the story and the vision of the director is correct, the actor will automatically be showcased in a superb way.

What are your future projects ?

As of now, I am only doing Chuttalabbai with Veera Bhadram. Once I wrap that film up, I will take some time and select my upcoming movies carefully.

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