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Akhil Critic Review By Pavan Survi

Apr 21, 2016 06:46 AM Akhil Critic Review By Pavan Survi

Star-cast : Akhil Akkineni, Sayesha Saigal, Brahmanandam, Mahesh Manjrekar

Director : V V Vinayak

Music Composer : Anup Rubens, S. Thaman

Censor Certificate : U/A

Runtime : 130 Minutes

Akhil (Akhil Akkineni) a happy-go-lucky guy falls in love with Medical Student Divya (Sayessha Saigal). To impress her, Akhil teams up with K V Rajendra Prasad (Rajendra Prasad) and tries to impress her family. But things turn around and Sayesha ends up in Europe. Earlier, a German Scientist Kathrochi tries to get hold of Jua (which stops Global Catastrophe from powerful UV rays) and pen to rule the world with its supernatural powers. At this time, Mambo (a African Goon) kidnaps Sayesha as she treats a wounded tribal lad with Jua’s information. Rest of the story is predictable, about how Akhil teams up with Johnson & Johnson (Brahmanandam) to save Divya and save earth from catastrophe on a solar eclipse day.

Coming to performances “Ju”nior “A”kkineni makes a decent debut with Akhil. He dances, fights and kicks in full competence. But, when it comes to his histrionics, he needs work a lot. Sayesha Saigal looks a million bucks and plays her part well without going much over the top. Sadly, she had nothing much to do in a story that revolves around its men mostly. She is an actress to watch out for in future. Mahesh Manjrekar’s run of the mill performance is clearly visible and nothing exciting. Brahmanandam as Johnson & Johnson, Sapthagiri as Pothe Babu Rao, Jayaprakash Reddy and Vennela Kishore were total disaster. Surprisingly, Nagarjuna‘s cameo was a good addon. Rajendra Prasad, Hema and African Actors don’t get too much scope to perform.

Story by Veligonda Srinivas is very thin. Script writer and director tried to cook this socio fantasy with the same recipe of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Ark, Lara Craft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, Lord of the Rings, Devi Putrudu, Anji etc. The script was horrible. The dialogues by Kona Venkat was the paradigm of crap. But even worse was the execution. Director has tried to narrate the story in a flat way, but ends up on being on a drab note. The continuity factor is also missing in the narrative. Even films comedy doesn’t make any impact.

Director Vinayak V V needs to undergo a lot of refining before he understands the essence of the stories. Probably he didn’t understand his script too and didn’t know what to do with a relish able concept. There is zero detailing in the film, which is another disappointing bit about it, be it the romantic angle or sudden Akhil’s relation with Jua scenario, the film doesn’t feel the need to elucidate them at all. Music by Thaman S and Anup Rubens doesn’t live upto the expectation. BGM by Mani Sharma is very good. The editing isn’t remarkable and the VFX is quite the villain here. The visual effects of few sequences like Panther fight (looks like added scene from Dhamarukam), Piranha, Avatar Visuals, Helicopter fight sequence or Volcano burst sequences were totally inspired from Hollywood films. Cinematography by Amol Rathod is noteworthy. . Production Values of “Shresht Movies Banner” are grand.

In the first 20 minutes of the film, Akhil operates a heart transplantation to Sahesha’s Rabbit Cho Cho (As Rajendra Prasad tells the procedure through mobile) and she falls for it. That just shows the uninteresting screenplay and dialogues the movie offers for the rest. The movie is filled with such flat episodes one after another and when it reaches interval you realize there is nothing new in the latter part. Second half is set up for a boring ride and the VFX makes it so unrealistic and the movie lacks soul. There is no emotional connect with the African tribe and the fights fail even though they are technically good. The movie falls so flat that when Akkineni song comes in the second half it becomes a herculean task to lift the film from such lows. On the whole, Akhil – Power of Jua is a total waste of time, energy, money and is excruciatingly drilling. You can go on and on about films’ flaws but then can this feign be called a movie in the first place? Lets film maker decide that first

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