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Akhil movie runtime trimmed nearly 50 minutes

Apr 21, 2016 05:24 AM Akhil movie runtime trimmed nearly 50 minutes

We all know that "Akhil" is getting ready under the hands of mass director VV Vinayak. This film is likely to click in cinemas on October 22nd. Guess what's happening with the movie now.

Director Vinayak is attached to editing room from last few days. We hear that the movie's run-time was quite shortened to nearly 2 hours after lot hullaballoo. While the original run time is nearly 2 hours 50 minutes they have trimmed out everything such that story will be narrated in slick format. However, Nitin is said to be insisting on a larger run time while Nagarjuna liked this shorter run time. So, which input Vinayak has to follow?

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