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Akhil - A jaunty musical

Apr 21, 2016 06:43 AM Akhil Music Review

Akhil's launch pad has to be a big one. Anup Rubens did strike gold with Nithin and others. This time, for a Nithin product, starring the debuatante Akhil, he plunges into a trendy action. Thaman composed 'Padesaave' song.

Rahul Pandey, Karthik, MM Manasi, Anup Rubens, Divya Kumar, Mohana Bhogaraju, Rahul Sipligunj, Uma Neha, Bhargavi, Mohana are the range of singers. Krishna Chaitanya and Bhaskarabhatla pen the lyrics.

Hey Akhil

Artist : Rahul Pandey, Anup Rubens, Chorus
Lyricist : Krishna Chaitanya

The album gets a rocking beginning with a snazy, duet-like song. Krishna Chaitanya uses rhyming words to modish effect, they lend themselves amenably to fast beats. The Anup Rubens touch is most effective where the 'dhak.. dhak' words come. Rahul Pandey and others take the song to youthful heights.


Artist : Karthik, MM Manasi
Lyricist : Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar

This one is a romantic number, again. Bhaskarabhatla's lyrics dwell into the power of love, it is so powerful that the physical properties seem to change for the one in love. Karthik and MM Manasi with their mellifluous rendition bring out the different moods quite well. Thaman gets the mood right by going for syncopated beats from the word go.

Zara Zara Navvaradhe

Artist : Divya Kumar, Mohana Bhogaraju, Rahul Sipligunj, Uma Neha
Lyricist : Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar

The song starts off like a folksly, Anup Rubens tune. The vocals are familiar and the familiarity contiunes. From Devadasu to Kalidasu to Ramadasu, everyone is invoked in pampering the reluctant to smile girl. The lyrics are, thus, a dash of old-time flavour. A range of singers entertain, while the rap by Srikar is nimble. Anup's music passes muster.


Artist : Ranjit, Sharanya, Bhargavi Pilla
Lyricist : Krishna Chaitanya

A hero-oriented song, finally. Ranji is top-notch with his pitch. When they choruse, Sharanya and Bhargavi complement the song's verve and energy. Krishna Chaitanya peppers the song with the usual dose of English words. A song that elevates the hero, this one has to be watched out for, as it lends to rich picturization. Anup does a nice job with his instrumentation.

Akkineni Akkineni

Artist : Divya Kumar, Bhargavi, Mohana, Uma Neha
Lyricist : Krishna Chaitanya

It is time for another folksy outing. Trust Anup Rubens to deliver such a song with a gusto musical feel. Divya Kumar, Bhargavi, Mohana and Uma Neha make a massy impact with their vocals. The song is in the tradition of item numbers with no double entendre. . Krishna Chaitanya is the one behind the 'matching, matching' play on words.


Anup Rubens continues with his style and livery streak with this album. A fairly good album with a wide range of singers, the genres are limited and the lyrical depth is modest, though.

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