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Allu Sirish condemns remake rumours

Apr 21, 2016 05:24 AM Allu Sirish condemns remake rumours

Earlier in the day, it is being spread that young mega hero Allu Sirish is also remaking Tamil film. As Megastar Chiru is remaking Kathi and Ram Charan taking up Thani Oruvan remake, everyone felt this news true.

Rumour has that Sirish will be starring in the Telugu version of 2014 released Tamil horror comedy "Yaamirukka bayamey", directed by a debutant. Sirish responded on this, saying that he's not doing any such remake.

"Friends sent me some links, of me doing a Tamil remake. Untrue. Have no idea abt such a project. Shooting a film with dir Parasuram. Thats all. Usually ignore speculative stuff, but other directors I'm talking to shouldn't feel I've signed something w/o informing them, hence", said Allu Sirish, in a statement.

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