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Ammayi Tho Abbayi Movie Review

Apr 21, 2016 06:38 AM
Ammayi Tho Abbayi Movie Review
  • Release date : January 01, 2016
  • Director : Ramesh Varma
  • Producer : Kireeti Potini
  • Music Director : Maestro Ilaiyaraja
  • Starring : Naga Shourya‬, Pallak Lalwani‬

Clean Film with Good Emotions

Story :

Abhi (Naga Shourya) is a happy-go-lucky guy with a cool father (Mohan). Prardhana (Palak Lalwani) is a beautiful girl with a sadistic father (Rao Ramesh). Both of them meet on Facebook as Pawan Kalyan and Samantha. They make a pact that they would never share personal details. They become close friends online. Abhi sees Prardhana at a bus-stop and falls in love with her. He plays around to make sure that Prardhana family shifts just opposite to Abhi’s house. As they fall in love in real, they become intimate. Prardhana’s father finds out about their intimacy and sends her away from house, Abhi father who has always been open about son’s first experiences becomes furious about his son being so careless. Rest of the story is all about how Abhi becomes responsible and sets everything right.

Artists Performance :

It’s a mature role of Naga Shourya. He is adorable in first half and has shown maturity in second half (especially crying episodes). Palak Lalwani looks very cute and performed well. She has a nice physique. Mohan (Mouna Ragam fame) makes a comeback as character artist with this movie. He has done a nice job. Tulasi’s character is well-written and she steals the show. Rao Ramesh succeeds at irritating you (that’s what his character is supposed to do). Pragathi plays a complex role. Madhusudhan, Swapnika and Shani did roles of buddies. Shakalaka Shankar is routine this movie.

Technical departments

The conflict point in the film is the physical relationship between two teens. Films like Chitram came in the past where it deals with the physical relationship between two teens. Ramesh Varma who has taken a big gap after his last venture made sure that the story is different. Parents play a big role in this story. The boy has a bit of boyishness to his character. But the girl is pretty mature in thinking. The break-up scene in the interval is pretty stark. Director Ramesh Varma has handled the second half in a mature way and gave an idealistic climax. It’s pretty easy to induce vulgar scenes in a teen story like this, but the director has stayed away from it. Characters of Mohan and Tulasi are well-written. But the characterization of Pragathi is little confusing. The transformation of Rao Ramesh’s character from a negative guy to positive guy is unconvincing. Ramesh Varma who is actually a poster designer by profession shows creativity in choosing locations and narrating story with toys. Screenplay appears contrived at times.

Abbayitho Ammayi is a technically superior film. Cinematography by Sam K Naidu is superb. He comes up with an outstanding work by bringing vibrant visuals and aesthetic frames. The opening sequence in ‘Tholi Paruvam’ song that was shot in Swiss Alps is breathtaking. Ilayaraja has scored different yet nice songs for this movie. All songs are good and Shreya Ghoshal’s voice in any Ilayaraja’s composition is magical. Background music is excellent. Dialogues are well-written. Art direction by Brahma Kodali is poetic. It’s pretty difficult for a new producer to trust story and director and spend a lot of money for the quality output. New producers should be commended for production valuess and choosing a subject that has high moral values.

Verdict :

Abbaitho Ammayi is a love story that happens between two teens in two different worlds. As lovers in real world and as friends in social media. Interval has an interesting twist and second half is handled in a mature way. Abbaitho Ammai is a well-intended and clean film with good emotions. Rating 3/5

Ammayi Tho Abbayi Movie

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