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Best Actors Critic Review By Pavan Survi

Apr 21, 2016 06:46 AM Best Actors Critic Review By Pavan Survi

Star-cast : Nandoo, Madhurima Banerjee, Kratee, Naveed, Shamili, Bhargavi, Madhu, Sapthagiri

Music Composer : JB

Director : Arun Pawar

Censor Certificate : A

Runtime : 115 Minutes

Best Actors is all about Nandu (Nandu), a spoilt brat and also been in the profession of Fashion Designer, and his friends Abhi (Abhi) an aspiring film maker, Krishna (Naveed) a producer of TV show “Love & Lost”, Madhu (Madhu) an software professional and all three pen to go for a Goa tour after the breakup of Krishna with Sunderi (Bhargavi), who leaves Krishna for Gautham (Sai).

Without going into details, all get their desires full filled and hearts repaired rather painlessly too. Where Madhu & Nandu meet red-hot Jaya Sudha (Madhurima) & Jaya Pradha (Kesha) and how this relation leads to heaps of trouble is the main soul of the story.

Performances in the film are a mixedbag. Nandu is the best among the male leads. He once again proves his skills with a promising performance. Madhu plays his usual character fluently while newcomers Abhi & Krishna have got nothing much to do. They clearly need a lot of work on their acting skills. Kratee looks great as a hotel receptionist and emotes well too, but Madhurima and Kesha are just okay in their short roles. Bhargavi over acts whereas Shamili is fine in her cameo. Comedy by Thagubothu Ramesh & Sapthagiri is atrocious.

Best Actors is a freemake of Malayalam film “Nee Ko Njaa Chaa” (2013), which have some similarities with Madhur Bandarkar’s “Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji”. The movie starts out well. The opening credits actually remind you of fine teenage comedies in early 2000’s. Things go good for the first 20 minutes as the director establish the characters and the situations. The girls are quickly introduced too. However soon after that story goes kookie clearly indicating that the writer didn’t put much effort in carrying the little feel that “Nee Ko Njaa Chaa” tried to carry throughout the film. Shamili love story is way too tetchy as the director decides to give more space to Kratee than Madhurima & Kesha. None of the stories have a proper graph or feel and the ending is complete pillager. The dialogues by Kittu Vissapragada are intended to be funny in this comedy thriller, but you may laugh only at a few instances as they rarely make a strike.

Coming to other Technical aspects, the cinematography by Vishwa Devabattula is neat. The songs by JB are good and the BGM is too loud. Editing by Uddav S B is inconsistent. The production quality of the film is fine.

It was perhaps a mistake to push Arun Pawar’s Best Actors as a comedy, because then you go to the cinema expecting some laughs and what you get is a poor man’s Green Signal with an added health education message. The biggest drawback is that it doesn’t offer anything out of the box & just seems to be a rehash of Malayalam 2013 film “Nee Ko Njaa Chaa”. To sum things up, Best Actor puts in a little bit of body show, educational point, satire, present teenage love, revenge and forgets to budge them up. Hence it falls in short as a propagation and entertainment, and leaves the audience completely baffled in the end.

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