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Critic Review of Cinenma Chupistha Mava By Pavan Survi

Apr 21, 2016 06:46 AM Critic Review of Cinenma Chupistha Mava By Pavan Survi

The story of this film revolves around a successful Medical Council Secretary Somanath Chatterjee (Rao Ramesh), who is an extra caring father and his family, his daughter Parineethi (Avika Gor) is fed up with his father’s “quality” attitude and she wants to break the rules according to her own wish. One day Kaththi (Raj Tarun) meets Parineethi in the colony and falls in love with her. But Somanath has already fixed Parineethi’s marriage with Rahul (Praveen), who also follows his “quality” values. After Somanath comes to know about Parineethi’s love life, he then and there refuses to accept their relation as he does not know him. Then he proposes that Kaththi may come to his house for next 30 days (with a bond), so that his family members can know his caliber. In this time, knowingly Kaththi creates a lot of problems for Somanath at his own house hence differences araise between them. At the end of last day of the month before any decision can be made, things turn around and Kaththi get forced to break the deal. Anyway we have known, if two main lead characters fall in love in a commercial cinema, it will end in a happy note. But before that happy note there is a “Twist in the tale”.

Raj Tharun had a lot of scope to prove himself as a mass actor. He has tried his best to become a Jr. Ravi Teja or Jr. Pawan Kalyan. He is tolerable, but his lady-love Avika Gor is quite miserable. She is skimpy like some of the clothes she wears and even her character has given a very less weightage in the film. Rao Ramesh is loud and coarse. The romantic scenes between Rao Ramesh and Jaya Lakshmi are hellish. Writer Madhu has tried his best to do justice to his role. Comedians Mahabub Bhasha, Sapthagiri, Sudheer, Shankar, Sreeu, Sathyam Rajesh, Krishna Bhagwan and Chanti are funny in parts. The dining table conversation between Chanti, Krishna Bhagwan, Rao Ramesh and Raj Tharun is hilariously shot. Praveen do not have much role to play.

Story of the film is flimsy. The main scenes of the film are a sort of inspired from Bommarillu, Pila Jamindar, Raja Rani, Oye!, Happy..etc. When we have such a thin line, it crucial to have a good screenplay to establish the main characters the relationships in healthy manner that they carry throughout the entire film without drilling audience interest. The proceedings of the film actually gain momentum in the first half, but are marred by unwanted inspiration and unnecessary spoofs. The director even left out logics like, An intermediate guy roaming around engineering campus is fine but how can he win a best student award; Totally conserved girl accepts to play drupadhi’s role without much of an hesitation and practice, similarly the couple never cares about the surroundings eventhough they roam around nearby college – home spots etc. Trinadha Rao Nakkina, normally a sensible director, succumbs to commercial format due to his series of flops with Priyathama Neevachata Kushalama and Nuvvala Nenila. He uses some really vulgar moments to attempt humour, adds in completely annoying inspired scenes and some situation-less songs for commerciality. The film could have definitely entertaining had the director paid more interest to the emotions and humour. The trouble with Trinadha’s script is that that there are too many loose ends, which have not been tied properly. The narrative starts concentrating only on giving Raj Tarun a massy image with scan respect to logics.

The music by Sekhar Chandra is very good. The songs like Pilli Kalla Papa and Ye Kshanam are even beautiful on screen. One of the highlights of the film is Cinematography by Sai Sreeram, especially light effects and song picturisation. Dialogues Prasanna J Kumar are good. Especially lines like; General ga evvaru kottina blood vasthundi nenu kodithe buddhi kuda vasthundi, “Devudu Doctor ki koppam theppinchakudadu, Devudiki kopam vasthe doctor deggariki pamputharu, devudiki kopam vasthe doctor deggariki pamputharu”, “Neeku ticket kottadam vachu naaku manushulanu kottadam vachu” are funny. Wished editor Karthik Srinivas had trimmed the film (138 Minutes) by 15 odd minutes, especially the long drawn out interval and climax sequences. The production values of “Lucky Media & Aryath Cinema Entertainments” are appropriate.

Cinema Chupistha Maava has its moments, but they are far and few. Movie starts off in a promising note but loses it steam post twenty minutes. Second half works in parts due to its comedy. The storyline, inspired scenes, song situations, predictable narration and long drawn out climax act as speed breakers. Overall, CCM tells a simple storyline of how love can surmount all “quality” in life pressures and transcend all stereotypes. Problem arises when the film in itself fails to do that – exceed stereotypes.

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