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Dhanalakshmi Talupu Tadithe – Decent Comedy Thriller

Apr 21, 2016 06:38 AM
  • Release date : July 31, 2015
  • Director : Sai Achyut Chinnari
  • Producer : T. Rama Satyanarayana
  • Music Director : Bhole Savali
  • Starring : Dhanraj, Manoj, Sree Mukhi


Entertainer Dhanraj has progressed beyond anyone's expectations in his vocation. He has come to a stage where has co-created the current week's satire thriller Dhanalakshmi Talupu Tadithe which has hit the screens with a not too bad buzz. How about we perceive how it is.

Story :

Ranadhir(Ranadhir) and Srimukhi are proficient ruffians who seize clergyman Vasundhara's(Sindhu Tholani) niece and interest one crore from her. Left with no decision, Vasundhara consents to these requests and gets prepared with the cash.

An energized Ranadhir and Srimukhi begin their excursion to meet the clergyman. Lamentably, they meet with a mischance and the young lady loses all sense of direction in the travel. This is additionally the time when Kodi(Dhanraj) and three of his companions discover the young lady and handover her to the pastor. An overpowered Vasundhara hands over the one crore money to Kodi and his posse and leaves with the young lady.

The upbeat pack takes the cash and kick begins their excursion without having any information of what is in store for them next. Rest of the story is regarding how this gathering leaves their issues and spare their lives from the malevolent grasps of Ranadhir and others.

In addition Points :

One of the greatest resource of the film is the initial forty minutes. These minutes fascinate you into the procedures with a great deal of rush and excitement. Likewise, the issues which emerge when a ton of cash is included have been demonstrated particularly well. Naga Babu is really great in his cameo and mirrors Pawan Kalyan well.

Going to the exhibitions, Dhanraj has made a heavenly showing in the film. He adjusts both the feelings and satire touch with aplomb. The skilled entertainer is uniquely great in the parody scene of Pirates of the Caribbean. Srimukhi does well as a woman hoodlum as were Manoj, Anil and Vijay in their particular parts.

As said before, the initial forty minutes and the most recent twenty minutes of the film give tolerable stimulation. Tagubothu Ramesh does well in his part and the fresh run time additionally improves the situation much.

Less Points :

In the wake of drawing in the group of onlookers to a tolerable level before all else, the film gets stalled a bit. The procedures get unsurprising and some pointless scenes take focal point of the audience. Despite the fact that the Pirates of the Caribbean scene brings out OK snickers, it diverts motion picture totally.

There are numerous rationales which turn up gone in the film. Scenes including the woodland set up and the characters which come in amid this time need clarity. Subsequent to highlighting Ranadhir's character such adequately amid the first half, he gets weakened when the motion picture closes. Of course, there is very little parody in the film which may conflict with specific desires.

Specialized Aspects :

Camera work in the film is OK and showcases the areas well. Bole Shah Vali's music is fair and his back ground score amid the beginning forty minutes is truly great. Altering by Siva Prasad is pretty alright however gets impeded after the starting thirty minutes.

Going to the executive Sai Achyut Chinnari, he has made a fair showing with his presentation film and figures out how to charm the group of onlookers to a respectable level. His dialogs and screenplay are promising however are left part of the way through after such a noteworthy begin.

Decision :

In general, Dhanalakshmi Talupu Tadite is a shockingly fair film. There are a considerable measure of rushes which captivate the group of onlookers more often than not. Dhanjaraj can be credited for having confidence in the script and putting a considerable measure of cash into this undertaking. On the off chance that you disregard the level 30 minutes pre and post interim, you can undoubtedly give this parody thriller a shot with no wavering.

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