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'Dhruva' Movie Review

Dec 28, 2016 10:31 PM
Dhruva Movie Review
  • Release date : December 9th, 2016
  • Director : Surender Reddy
  • Producer : Allu Aravind, N. V. Prasad
  • Music Director : Hiphop Tamizha
  • Starring : Ram Charan, Arvind Swamy, Rakul Preet Singh ....

Slick and engaging

Ram Charan's 'Dhruva', the remake of Tamil blockbuster movie 'Thani Oruvan', hits the screens today. Surender Reddy is the director of this action thriller, which has been one of the most awaited movies in the recent past. The viral trailer grabbed the attention of everyone. Read on to know if the film is worth the wait.


As said in the teaser, Dhruva is based on the line "If you find your enemy, you'll get to know your capacity". Dhruva (Ram Charan) is a IPS trainee along with his friends, who are also trainees, secretly sets out to find out the crimes happening in the city during night time. It dawns upon him that a big conspiracy is behind even the smallest of crimes and he gets to know that an award winning scientist Siddharth Abhimanyu ( Arvind Swamy ) is the mastermind behind many crimes. Dhruva is very clear that he wants to kill someone, if killed will destroy 100 other criminals. So he sets out to nab Siddharth and the game starts. Watch the movie to know how it ends.


Ram Charan looks very good in the role of cop. His physique and performance will thrill his fans. Arvind Swamy is excellent in the negative role and he will get many offers in Tollywood after this. Rakul Preet Singh is hot and performs well. Navdeep, Posani and others are also good.

Technical aspects

The production values are brilliant. P.S.Vinod's cinematography is one of the major highlights of the film. The background score is also very good and elevates the scenes. Editing is decent but a few scenes in the second half could have been remove.

Plus Points

Ram charan’s hard work & dedication

Aravind Swamy screen presence

Hiphop Tamizha's BGM

Gripping screenplay by Surender Reddy

P.S.Vinod's cinematography

Minus Points

Some Logical Errors

Lags in second half


Dhruva is a slick thriller with very engaging screenplay, good performances and direction. With his physique and performance, Ram Charan does a great job. Surender Reddy, who directed a remake for the first time, does a very fine job. Rakul Preet Singh is hot and she sets the screens on fire with her sizzling chemistry with Ram Charan. Arvind Swamy, though played a negative role, has equal importance in the movie. He is superb in the film and his performance is very good. The game between Charan and Swamy has been handled very well. The interval and high voltage climax are handled well. All in all, the film is a good thriller.


Dhruva - Slick and engaging Rating 3.25/5

Dhruva Movie
December 9th, 2016

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