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I want more hugs from heroines : Diamond Ratna Babu [Interview]

Apr 21, 2016 01:33 AM Ratna Babu interview

'Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam' has been running successfully with super hit talk and one of the assets of the film is the hilarious dialogues. Dialogue writer Diamond Ratna babu has been overwhelmed with the response to the film. In an exclusive interview with, he opened up about the film, the director, producers, his career, the 'hug' with Sonarika that made him popular etc.

They encouraged me

I am from Bandar in Andhra Pradesh. The great thing about Bandar is everyone who came to the industry from there have been successful. I used to work in Hasyanandam magazine as sub-editor. While working in Navatha Transport, I wrote a poem which impressed my colleagues a lot. They encouraged me to go to the film industry. It is only because of their and my family's encouragement, I am here.

Big banners

I worked as an assistant to writer Chintapalli Ramana for 'Devadasu'. After the film completed, I said to him that I don't want to work with him any more. He was surprised. I said that the only reason I worked with him was to use his name and I believe in myself. After working as a ghost writer for a few films, I was credited the dialogue writer for 'Seema Sastry'. So far, I have worked in many big banners like Geetha Arts, Sri Venkateswara Creations, Manchu family's 24 Frames Factory and A.K.Entertainments.

Very Happy

I am very happy with the response for 'Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam'. I have been receiving congratulatory messages from many in the industry. After the failure of 'Sher', I am relieved with the success of ERAR.

Biggest compliment

After watching ERAR, Manchu Manoj said that I am one of heroes of the film. It is the biggest compliment I received for this movie.

Rajendra Prasad garu has been calling me every day from Malaysia and talking about the film. He said that after writers like Jandyala, Trivikram and Koratala Siva, he enjoyed working with me most. He is a great actor and is called Indian Charlie Chaplin. I am fortunate to get such a compliment from him.

Earned it

If I've earned something in my career, it is the love of Manchu family. They treat me like their family member. They have been encouraging me a lot. After 'Pandavulu Pandavulu Tummedha' released, Mohan Babu garu said it's me and Manoj's Mohini character, which made the film a success. I was over the moon with his compliment. The best thing about Vishnu is he doesn't put finger in script unlike many heroes. He is a very good actor.

Passionate producers

Anil Sunkara and Kishore Garikipati are very passionate producers. They do anything for the film and take care of everyone and everything. We rarely see producers like them. I am really lucky to have worked with them. After Dil Raju and Bunny Vasu, I've seen such passion in them.

They have caste feeling

ERAR producers, Manchu family and director Nageswara Reddy have one thing in common. They have caste feeling. We all belong to the same 'Kulam' i.e., 'Shraamikulam'. It is the reason why they encouraged me a lot. I want to work with them again and again.

Felt like committing suicide

After the failure of 'Sher', I was very disappointed. I didn't receive even one call from anyone. Generally, I rebuke someone if they try to commit suicide. But after the failure of 'Sher', I couldn't show my face to anyone.I felt like committing suicide for a moment. We put in the same effort for every film. But some films become successful and some will not. I was also disappointed after the failure of 'Bhai'.

That hug made me famous

The hug that Sonarika gave at the audio launch of ERAR made me popular. Wherever I go, people are asking about it. Some patted on my back and some relatives scolded me. Generally heroes and directors give me hugs if they like some scene or dialogue. So I asked Sonarika to give me hug. Henceforth, I need hugs from heroines, if I have to write good scenes for them.

Allu family helped me

When I was working for 'Haasam', I wrote an article about Allu Ramalingaiah garu. I received a cheque of Rs.250 for that. I still have that cheque. It motivated me a lot to become a writer. After entering the industry, Allu Arjun made me a writer for 'Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham'. It has been one of the most memorable films to me and made me popular as a writer. So, the grand father and grandson helped me a lot.

If I have a story, the first person I would tell is Bunny. If he likes it, I will continue or else will leave it. He is a very good listener. I've been travelling with him since PNLJ and I am lucky to get a friend like him.

Like Pawan Kalyan

I like Pawan Kalyan a lot. More than an actor, I like him as a humanitarian. My elder son's name is Mohit Kalyan and younger son's name is Dhruva Kalyan. I often ask my dad why there is no Kalyan in my name.

Favourite films and writer

'Srimanthudu' and 'Kick' are my favourite movies. In my movies it is PNLJ. My favourite writer is Puri Jagannadh and I like Trivikram Srinivas as a director. In the recent past, I fell in love with the direction of Koratala Siva. Being a successful writer, he has been proving himself as a director too.

Not now

The reason why many writers are becoming directors is the pain they feel when many gets involved in their work. Of course, remuneration is another reason. A director's remuneration increases 10 times when a movie becomes successful. But it is not the case with a writer. His remuneration may only get doubled. Writers are sensitive persons and when some one gets involved in their work or makes unnecessary changes, they feel distressed. This is what happening in the industry. But I am lucky to have worked with directors, who give me a free hand. I have no plans to direct a film at present. I will direct only after earning something, buying a house for my family and have some bank balance.

I know the pain

There are many talented writers in areas like Krishna Nagar, who are waiting for a chance to prove themselves. When I see the dialogues they send to me in facebook, I get shocked. Honestly, if they get a good platform in the industry, the current writers will be out shined. When writers approach me to join as an assistant, the first thing I suggest is to get a membership card in writer's union and get their stories registered. Because, I know the pain when stories get plagiarized. Some even commit suicides. Though I can't give chance to everyone as an assistant, I made sure that they get membership cards.

Upcoming movies

I am going to pen dialogues for Sai Dharam Tej's next with A.S.Ravikumar Chowdary. If things fall into place, I will also give the story. I am also going to work for Manchu Vishnu, A.K.Entertainments and Allari Naresh's films.

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