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Dictator Live Updates

Mar 24, 2016 03:59 AM Dictator Live Updates

Updated at 08 :30 AM

Movie Completed

Updated at 08 :25 AM

Film ends with a punch line. Ahankaram not good for women and Avinithi for men. THE END.

Updated at 8:21 AM

Dictator Dialogue: Ahamkaaram Vunna Aadadi – Avineetilo Vunna mogaadu – Erojukaina andhakaaramloki vellalsinde.

Updated at 8:19 AM

Power packed fight has been canned very well at the climax time.

Updated at 8:18 AM

Dictator Dialogue: Simham Kooda daahamveste Thala Vanchukuni Neellu Taagutondiraa… Antha maatranike … Todakottakoodadu… Kodite… Thoda – Thala rendu migalavu

Updated at 08 : 14 AM

Twist in the Ending...

Updated at 08 : 12 AM

Flashback has finished. Time for Gana Gana Song on Screen...

Updated at 08 : 00 AM

BalaKrishna's Powerful Dialogue here now - Nenu chese paniki question mark undadu, only full stop. Balayya roars

Updated at 07 : 50 AM

Final antagonist

Updated at 07 : 44 AM

Posaani Krishna Murali has been rocking on screen – bringing laughs without even smiling on screen

Updated at 07 : 40 AM

Next villain ki dhamkk iche scene kuda baga vachindi

Updated at 07 :35 AM

Chura Chura (5th song) is Going on. Looks Beauty with Backgrounds.

Updated at 07 : 33 AM

Rathi Agnihotri makes power-packed entry

Updated at 07 : 29 AM

Dictator Dialogue: Nenu cheppina maata vinaalanevaade hitlor… Evvademi cheppina I don’t care anevaade dictator

Updated at 07 : 26 AM AM

Anjali, Sayaji Shinde and Duvvasi Mohan enter the scene. Balayya impresses with his information on economy.

Updated at 7: 18 AM

Nee lanti varu adugaduna untaru, naa lanti varu aruduga untaru, Balayya says. Title song (4th Song) begins.

2nd Half : Starts

Updated at 07 : 13 AM

Balayya comes with a stylish avatar. Flashback begins with a punch line

Updated at 07: 00 AM

Interval Time. 1st Half Interval Twist is Superb and Background Music was ultimate. Wait for the 2nd half

Updated at 06 : 59 AM

A Dialogue was triggered here - Nuvvey antha ante nee vente untadu..nuvventha ante neyantha avutadu..athade Dictator - Time for Intemission..

Updated at 06 : 57 AM

Suman and Posani make an entry. Tempo being raised for flashback. Film gets intense.

Updated at 06 :54 AM

Dailogue was punched here - " Temperment taggalante sentiment undalsinde "

Updated at 06 : 50 AM

This song with Mumith Khan and Shradda Das in Colong : Its the time for Item Song..

Updated at 06 : 45 AM

Dictator 3rd Song ” Tingo Tingo “ Starts. its For Colony Elections in One Home

Updated at 06 : 42 AM

Power Packed Dialogue was kicked by Bala Krishna here - " Ne history lo blood vundhi emo… Na blood ke history vundhi "..

Updated at 06 : 40 AM

First Fight Starts with the Powerful Dialogue : "Nenu baristhene ila undi ante tegisthe inka ela untundo chusuko "..

Updated at 06 : 25 AM

Balayya Saves Sonal Chauhan , Fights with villains and Dialogues was bit High. Comedian Prudvi Dialogue : " Datthata teskodaniki nen srimanthudni kaadu hanthakudni…. thokki paadesta "..

Updated at 06: 16 AM

Theater sounds on High pitch with Jai Balayya Slogans. Dictator 2nd Song Whatsapp Baby Song is on. Still No Fights. Sonal Chauhan Skin Chemistry is ON

Updated at 06 : 15 AM

Dialogues on Cinemas.. Dialogue Adhurs. Stay Tuned For Dictator Movie Review & Rating

Updated at 06 : 10 AM

Prithvi Raj, Prabhas Sreenu and Hema have separate comedy track. Balayya is on the verge of confronting villains.

Updated at 06 : 07 AM

Film is in comedy mode. Nasser, Raghu Babu are at the receiving end of Balayya. Hero plays a married man.

Updated at 06 : 05 AM

Comedian Hema Entry Makes Fun with Dress

Updated at 06:00 AM

Punched a Dialogue here: Sanivaram ani manam Non veg manesthe adhivaram ani Mekalu Akulu thinadam Manesthaya??.

Updated at 05 : 53 AM

Balakrishna Entry With Gam Ganesha Song.. Dance was Amazing energy and Superb Steps..Song in ON

Updated at 05 : 46 AM

Rajiv Kanakaala was shown on screen, Dictator Telugu Movie Review, Rating opened the show with a murder and followed by chase.

Updated at 05 : 43 AM

Movie has Begun With Drug Mafia

Updated at 05 : 44 AM

BK’s 99th film Dictator titles are goin on with S.S.Thaman trade mark beat and with supersonic speed

Updated at 5:38 AM

Dictator with runtime of 155 minutes and 42 seconds has just began with Balayya saying the statutory warning .. No Smoking and Drinking...

Updated at 05: 28 AM

Movie Started at 05:05 AM : Fans got in track with craze....

Updated at 05 : 00 AM

Hi Telugu Reporter viewers. A very fresh morning to all with Pongal Wishes. Dictator Movie is Going to be play on Screen in few Minutes.... Stay Tuned with us viewers !!!...

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