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Director's apologies to Tamannaah and other heroines

Dec 27, 2016 12:59 AM
Director's apologies to Tamannaah and other heroines

Suraaj, the director of Vishal's Okkadochadu, came under fire from actresses and Tamil film industry personalities as he made some distasteful comments on heroines.

When he was asked in an interview about the over glamour of Tamannaah in the movie, he said that it is the duty of heroines to wear skimpy outfits and expose when they are being paid crores of rupees as remuneration and some sections of audience come only for their glamour.

These comments made actresses like Nayanthara and Tamannaah furious. They lashed out on the director and demanded apologies. Even Vishal said that the comments of the director are not good.

Suraj finally reacted to the controversy. He issued a press release in which he apologized for his comments.

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