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Express Raja Live Updates

Mar 24, 2016 03:55 AM Express Raja Live Updates

Updated at 6:45 AM

Movie Over ! Strictly average fare.

Updated at 6:30 AM

Movie is all about a 75Crore worth diamond which is tagged to the neck of a dog – and missing . Each involved party runs around other party for a cause.

Updated at 6:20 AM

Senior actress Urvashi comedy role tests patience, same with Comedian Saptagiri’s lengthy role

Updated at 6:10 AM

Second half drags along with no substance , Attempted comedy is not working

Updated at 6:00 AM

Last song “Colorful Chilakaa ” time, Shot in carnival Song is colorful

Updated at 5:50 AM

3rd song “ee vintha needhi ga” is picturised well. Director seems extremely good at song making. UV creations brand is visible in trendy songs

Updated at 5:40 AM

Express Raja is screenplay based movie, and where all characters lead to single thread

Updated at 5:30 AM

Story is connected well now, with Different gangs now looking for Raja ( Sharwa ) .First Half of Express Raja is pretty average. Except two good songs , no much entertainment but premise for second half is set well. Interval !

Updated at 5:20 AM

Without much story , movie is moving forward at a slow pace. No much comedy either.

Updated at 4:50 AM

second song “Hoo LaLa ” , is Picturized Very well. Superb Tune and Best photography

Updated at 4: 40 AM

Sharwa moves to Hyderabad on Job purpose , introduced to Surabhi. Heroine is looking pretty average

Updated at 4: 30 AM

Set in Vizag , Sharwanand and friends been introduced as Tapori Gang

Updated at 4: 20 AM

Express Raja takes off with tricky kidnap episode , Followed by ” 24/7 Party ” song. 24/7 Song is Racy and shot well

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