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Highlights of Sukumar interview about Nannaku Prematho

Apr 13, 2016 07:03 AM sukumar interview

On the eve of Nannaku Prematho's release, director Sukumar finally met the media in Hyderabad to talk about the film and what it was like to work with a star like NTR. And needless to say, it was full of quotable quotes. While NTR raved about Sukumar's dedication towards his craft, Sukumar went a step ahead and ended up comparing NTR to an 'irresistible drug'. Here are some quotes from Sukumar's interview.

NTR Became An Actor Because Of Nandamuri Lineage; Otherwise, I Strongly Believe That He Would Have Become A World Hero

Talking about why working with NTR is a pleasure for any director, Sukumar said, "NTR has an astonishing ability to grasp everything quickly. No matter how long or tough a dialogue is, he'll just hear it once and perform it with ease. Moreover, he can carry off every emotion quite convincingly. I think he became an actor because he was born in the Nandamuri family; otherwise, he would have definitely invented something and become a world hero. He's that smart!"

Working With NTR Is Like A Drug

After spending almost a year with each other, while they were working on Nannaku Prematho, it's quite clear that the two grew quite fond of each other. So much that Sukumar used to become quite restless when NTR wasn't on the sets. "Tarak is like a drug. I used to go mad if he isn't on the set on any given day," Sukumar said.

NTR's Love Is Like A Storm

Sukumar is a man of words and when he was asked about his equation with NTR, he said, "Tarak prema thoofan laantidhi. Andhulo manam munugthune untaam (NTR's Love Is Like A Storm. We just keep drowning in that forever). I can never forget the journey, the time and the emotional upheavals that I've gone through in all these days of our friendship. And I don't want to get out of this state of mind."

We Don't Realise How Much We Love Our Parents Until They Are No Longer With Us

Apparently, NTR and Sukumar wanted to work on another film. however, before that project took off Sukumar's father passed away, which made him quite emotional. "I realised that in that state of mind, I couldn't think of anything else but my father. When I narrated the story of Nannaku Prematho, NTR loved it more than me. That's how this whole story began. I believe that we never truly realise how much we love our parents until they are no longer with us. Once I lost my father, that’s when it struck me what I had lost in my life. Nannaku Prematho is a result of my emotional breakdown after my father passed away," Sukumar confessed.

You'll Always Find One Emotion Or Another In NTR's Face

That NTR is very expressive, even during a simple conversation, need not be reiterated. The actor himself confessed in a recent interview that he had to work a lot on his expressions since the film is all about being subtle and yet trying to get your point across to the other person. In his interview, Sukumar too stated that NTR is quite expressive. "You’ll always find one emotion or another in NTR’s face. Even if he smiles, you'll see an emotion there. He cannot hide anything or keep things to himself. As an actor, that's a great quality to have," Sukumar said.

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