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Hora Hori Movie Live Updates

Apr 21, 2016 05:24 AM hora-hori-live-updates

Updated at 01:30 PM

Climax done. Keep watching for the complete movie review.

Updated at 01:25 PM

A heavy duty climax is on..Background score is elevating the film into another level.

Updated at 01:17 PM

A very intense climax is on now...

Updated at 01:13 PM

Some intense scenes featuring the main villain are on now...Daksha is doing a wonderful job

Updated at 01:06 PM

Serious twist in the tale now...Movie heading towards the climax

Updated at 01:01 PM

Some serious scenes featuring the Villain and hero are on now...

Updated at 12:58 PM

Mythili's brother tries to safe guard her from Baswa.. Every scene is in loop...

Updated at 12:54 PM

Skanda gets to know whose baswa's real love is.. Things move out of place now..

Updated at 12:50 PM

Baswi trains his beloved love coach Skanda for his battle for love.

Updated at 12:37 PM

Some intereseting scenes between the hero and villain are on now...No view has become emotional...

Updated at 12:33 PM

Its Time for Another song.. Romantic number "Orey Orey" with nice fusion to instruments.. Shots in the water are decently picturized..

Updated at 12:24 PM

Post interval movie moves on predictable note.. and Mythili accepts Skanda's love proposal..

Updated at 12:15 PM

Its Time for Interval ...

Updated at 12:04 PM

Time for another number..Songs are nicely composed by Kalyan Koduri.

Updated at 12:02 PM

Situation less songs even drag snail paced narration.. Once again typing content starts.. And frustrated audience start shouting at the scenes..

Updated at 11:50 AM

The net center typing contest between two villages is frustrating audience. Hope things gets better from now..

Updated at 11:44 AM

Time for the second song 'Nee aahahaa' is on now...Superbly composed...

Updated at 11:38 AM

Some crucial scenes between the lead pair are on now...Visuals in the film are superb

Updated at 11:33 AM

First song Andamante Needele is situation less village mass number. Only sigh of relief sizzling Ashwini in the song...

Updated at 11:27 AM

Village scene are dragged and Indumathi sequences still dropping the pace of the film..

Updated at 11:20 AM

Comedian Raghava makes an entry..Some comedy scenes are on now...

Updated at 11:15 AM

The movie heads to a village called Aghumbe..Hero Dileep has been introduced.

Updated at 11:05 AM

Some quite intreseting scenes featuring a wedding are on now. The villain is doing a superb job.

Updated at 11:00 AM

Daksha makes an entry...The movie kick starts on a very intreseting note.

Updated at 10:48 AM

The titles are on with a stunning background score by Koduri Kalyan

Updated at 10:40 AM

The movie has just started and is 159 minutes long....with U/A

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