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Hora Hori Review

Apr 21, 2016 06:38 AM
Hora Hori Review
  • Release date : September 11, 2015
  • Director : Teja
  • Producer : KL Damodara Prasad
  • Music Director : Kalyan Koduri
  • Starring : Dileep and Daksha

Below Average

Teja who has made trendsetting blockbusters in his early career as a director have been repeatedly failing at recreating the magic of Jayam. However he is unable come out of that mode and Hora Hori is yet another Teja's film that is made in the lines of Jayam.

Story about?

Basava (Chaswa), a rowdy falls in love with Mythili (Daksha) and kills whoever comes to marry her. Mythili goes into shock after witnessing few killings and is sent to a village in Karnataka. She comes across Skandha (Dileep) a struggling youngster who is fighting for livelihood. Mythili and Skandha fall in love and Skandha becomes a good friend to Basava who comes to the same village on some work. Can Skandha overcome notorious Basava who is madly in love with Mythili?



Young, naive and weak like most of the Teja movie heroes. Dileep is a bad performer too. He has nothing to do but weep for most of his part.


Better looking and a decent performer too.


Not as menacing as he should be. His expressions are also pretty weak to make this Hora Hori a very bad duel.

Most of the supporting actors are newcomers and none of them made an impact. In fact most of the actors among the principal cast get on your nerves with very bad performance.


Teja's reluctance to leave Jayam alone is his major weakness. He is desperately trying to recreate that magic and repeat that success which is in turn making him look weak and aimless.

Teja is certainly not a bad director like he appears to be in these films. He has a very good eye for detail and can extract the best out of his technicians. He is just trying too much with a script that is as old as the mountains.

Kalyani Koduri music is good. He has excelled with his background music too.

Dialogues are bad.

Cinematography is very good.

Production values are impressive.

The film is technically sound and weak on all other aspects.

Positive points



Actress Daksha


Negative points

Hero Dileep

Villain Chaswa





Teja believed that this is entirely different story and did his best to make audiences believe it as well. He made conscious effort to make it appear like a new film with novelty in each and every scene. But sadly it isn't. This is Jayam in the disguise of Hora Hori. We will know that right away. Teja kept on beating around the bush and wasted so much time to keep Jayam out of the audience's minds.

As a result the movie turns out to be a total bore. First half is extremely bad with bad humor and nonsensical scenes. Interval point is okay but doesn't show any promise. Second half is slightly better compared to first half. The film fails to hook us as we are aware of what is in store. You won't miss anything even if you walk away in the middle.

Teja has nobody except for him to blame for this utterly disastrous movie. This film shouldn't have been made at all. It is surprising to see the names of producers that have proved their taste in choosing good scripts to back this one. Only bright note in this film is Kalyani Koduri's music. This would have been even horrible without his sincere effort.


Disappointment for Teja fans! Rating: 2/5

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