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I've learnt a lot from him : Mahesh Babu

Aug 04, 2016 03:04 AM I've learnt a lot from him : Mahesh Babu

'Brahmotsavam' will hit the screens on 20th May and Mahesh Babu is very excited about it. He talks about the film, working with senior actors like Satyaraj, how was it teaming up with Samantha and Kajal again, his next movie etc in an interview.


Terrific buzz

'Brahmotsavam' has created terrific buzz and we are very happy about it. We've told how the film is going to be in the trailer and we are very happy to see the great response from the audiences. I am lucky to have done a film like this after 'Srimanthudu'. I played a different role compared to my previous films. When Addala narrated this story, during the shoot of 'Srimanthudu', I gave a go ahead nod immediately. Now I am very happy with the output. I am looking forward to see the response.

Great experience

It was a great experience working with so many actors and I will cherish it. After 'Murari', I've worked with so many actors in this movie. The energy on the sets was always high and the environment was always like a festival.


I've learnt a lot working with actors like Satyaraj, Revathi etc. Being such a great actor with so much experience, Satyaraj garu is very down-to-earth. I want to be like him and should be so grounded even after 10 or 15 years.

True emotions

Sreekanth Addala gets inspired from real life situations. So the emotions in his films are always true and his films are beautiful. I love working with him. Even Mickey J Meyer is like him. His tunes come straight from his heart. So both of them share a very good rapport. The response to the title song, Balatripuramani and other songs has been very good. I thank Mickey for such a beautiful album.

Changed a lot

I've worked with Samantha for 'Dookudu' and SVSC. Her growth as an actress has been amazing. She understands her craft well now and improved a lot as an actress. The same is the case with Kajal. Even she changed a lot and has a lot of maturity as an actress now. I am very happy to have worked with them.


PVP is a very passionate producer. He gave everything the director asked him without questioning. We need more producers like him.

Great visuals

Ratnavelu immediately agreed to work for this film, when I called him. On the first day, he said that he never got an opportunity to work for a film like this and felt very happy about it. The visuals are splendid. It was an honour working with Thota Tarani garu. His sets were beautiful.

Never interfere

If I have any doubts regarding the story, I never work with a director. But if I say ok to a director, I never interfere in his work and do what he wants. I've always been like that and will continue it.

Excited about that film

I am very excited to join forces with A.R.Murugadoss. He is one of my favourite directors and I've been waiting to work with him for a long while. He narrated a line when I was in Chennai for 'Srimanthudu' promotions and I liked it. It was how our journey started. I am looking forward to work with him.

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