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Interview : Nani about 'Majnu' movie

Oct 12, 2016 08:07 AM Nani about 'Majnu' movie

In this interview, ahead of the release of 'Majnu', Nani shares interesting details about the film, who he has been enjoying back to back hits etc. 'Majnu', directed by Virinchi Varma of 'Uyyala Jampala' fame, will be releasing on 23rd September.


I liked the way Virinchi Varma narrated the story of 'Majnu' and the innocence in it. Especially, everyone woteluld relate to this story. So I immediately gave my nod.

Similarity ends there

The similarity of this film with Nagarjuna garu's 'Majnu' ends with the title itself. Both are different stories. I can't say if this film is a serious one or comedy one. But it will entertain everyone.

I only consider it

We are doing movies for audiences and we need to impress them. I always want to know what audiences are feeling about my film. So every time my movie releases, I go to a theater, sit in a corner and watch the film with the audiences. It gives me satisfaction. I also don't consider the business and collections of my movies. I want my movie to entertain the audiences.

Don't believe in it

I don't believe in stardom. As long as we deliver hits, stardom will be with us. Once I fail as an 'actor', I am no more a star.


'Majnu' has freshness and innocence in it. Right from the word go, the film entertains and it will be till the end. Everyone would come out of the theaters with a smile on their faces.

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