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Interview With Deva Katta about Dynamite

Apr 21, 2016 05:24 AM deva-katta-interview

Deva Katta who is known for content oriented movies is directing a remake for the first time. Here is an exclusive interview with this promising director

Why remake?

Dynamite is not a remake. I just approached it as a story from another writer. After Autonagar Surya I was also looking for inspiring stories from other writers though I had a couple of scripts in finishing stage. Even the stories we write are either inspired from some other movies, incidents or some kind of abstract disturbance we carry in life affected by the summary of many things we observe and experience.

Who brought in the proposal?

While I was home in US on a writing break, Vishnu brought up the proposal and I instantly refused to get into remakes especially after Autonagar surya falling short of expectations. But Vishnu insisted saying that it will be of my taste and asked me to watch it just for the sake of it. After seeing Arima Nambi I realized it’s also along the lines of another script I was working on, inspired from "enemy of the state" kind of films. Since there was so much of similarity in the treatment of the film, I started thinking about Arima Nambi itself.

This happened in October 2014 and the proposal from Vishnu was to complete the film in 40 days and release it for sankranthi 2015. I expressed Vishnu that the only way I can enjoy the project will be if he can can let me approach it a story from another writer and build my own screenplay. Instantly suggested a crucial screenplay change required in the second half of the film to hold the audience till end. Vishnu was very excited about the change and promised to give me absolute freedom to own the story and rewrite the screenplay.

Did you have that absolute freedom?

No movie will be and should be in one person's absolute control. But the degree of the control and the person holding it will define the personality of the film. You will be thoroughly engrossed and entertained by Dynamite and will find the answer yourself by the end of the film.

You spoke about ANS budget recently. Why now?

That’s because this is the right time from where I satand. I completed vennela in 60 days, Prasthanam in 68 days and Dynamite in 56 days. The result of a film and the economic efficiency as a maker are equally important to the director’s career. During and after the making of Autonagar Surya I could not comment on the budget rumors deliberately spread by the production house because it will affect the business of the film. The production house didn’t even spend 40% of the budget they projected on both Damarukam and Autonagar Surya. They just have to do it to justify their borrowings in the market. They lied to protect their interests and I have to wait so long to declare the truth to protect my interests. That’s the state of affairs with some inconsiderate and indifferent people getting into movie production. The people I dealt with never lost or invested their own money, instead they only played and lost other people’s money and effort all along. I’m in the business of expressing my experience and can’t let this one go unexpressed from my head.

Your future plans…

I’ve written few bound scripts and will work with like-minded people going forward.

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