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Interview with Director Ohmkar about RGG

Mar 24, 2016 03:55 AM Interview with Director Ohmkar about RGG

TV host-turned-director Ohmkar has been a successful TV personality. However, he is yet to prove his mettle as director as his maiden movie Genius failed to rake in moolah. Undeterred by its outcome, Ohmkar is now testing his luck for the second time with 'Raju Gari Gadi' (RGG).We caught up with him for a detailed interview.

Genius was a debacle. Were you disappointed? What did you learn?

I've not disappointed. I analyzed reasons for its failure. I was debutant director then and so the producer. While we were making the movie, things got out of the hand, and the film's budget shot up. We couldn't control its budget which was a major failure. The film's shooting didn't finish on time which was the reason for over-budget.

Also, the timing of the release wasn't good idea since a big release like Seethamma Vakitlo released after Genius.

After Genius, what were you going through? Did you think of quitting films?

No, I didn't. I wanted to win where I lost by proving myself. So, I wanted to direct a film. But before that I decided to do TV shows and earn some money before returning to silver screen.

Any regrets on Genius?

In Genius, I worked with a lot of senior actors, technicians. I got to know how to handle senior persons. It learnt me many lessons. So, no regrets.

What's Raju Gari Gadi?

Raju Gari Gadi is about a Mahal in Nadigama village where people whoever enters the Mahal gets killed. What's behind the deaths is mystery that will be unraveled in the film. It's a horror comedy with good dose of suspense. The movie is totally fast-paced and engages audience. The movie was completed in Rs 3 Crore budget and was shot in 42 days against our initial schedule of 50 days.

You turned into producer for RGG. Didn't you find producers for your second film?

No, it's not like that. Since my first film didn't work well, before going to any other producer, first, I want to prove myself as director. Hence, I only produced the film.

You cast in your brother Ashwin. Any strong reasons?

There is an emotional story behind casting Ashwin in Raju Gari Gadi. While I was doing Aata show, my brother was eliminated before finals only because our team felt it won't send good signals if my he is part of the show. He lost the opportunity only because he is my brother. I then promised him that I'll compensate it. Later on when I was doing my first film Genius, I cast Ashwin as the lead. We launched the film and even announced to press that Ashwin is the hero. But due to financial issues, later producer came to me and said he can't go ahead with newcomer. Then again, he was replaced in Genius. He had done a small role in the film when I asked him. He told me then that 'You got chance to become director. First you become director. You can take care of me later'.

That's how Ashwin came on board for Raju Gari Gadi. Still, it's a story-driven movie. Just because he is my brother, he didn't get more screen presence or there were no forced scenes or dialogues.

What's USP of RGG?

Comedy is the USP. Shaklaka Shankar, Dhanraj will be the highlights of RGG. Of course, the film's story and suspense towards the end are interesting elements to watch out for. There was no comedy in Genius which was also one of the reasons for its failure. So, I took special care in RGG.

On Sai Korrapati, Anil Sunkara presenting film.

As soon as the film's trailer released, the very next day, the business for RGG was closed. Sai Korrapati garu and Anil Sunkara garu were very impressed with film and bought it. They were surprised when I told them that I made movie in Rs 3 crore. I'm happy they're releasing the film as it will reach to more people so that I and my brother's work would get noticed.

Perhaps, you're the most spoofed TV personality in Telugu. How do you take it?

I'm happy that people are using my name for their living or for their happiness or at least making others happy. Few spoofs are good and a few are bad. Even if I didn't like, I can't do anything.

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