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interview with Naga Shourya

Apr 21, 2016 05:24 AM naga-shourya-interview

Naga Shourya is on a roll. With a handful of projects are on the sets and a slew of films in pipeline, his career looks promising. Usually reticent and reserved Shourya opened up in a quick free-wheeling.

Being heartthrob of Girls

(Blushes) It's good actually. But I'm more focused on cinema, my work. I'm not bothered about gals. Cinema has been my passion, driving force. It's like God to me. I always think about cinema and how to improve my work.


Frankly speaking, I'm not in a relationship with anyone. But even if I say this, many won't believe (laughs). Anyhow, gossip mongers doing their job. They continue to linkup many actresses with me. I'm not worried though. People close to me know what I'm. In fact, not many know that I hardly use my mobile. Neither I use WhatsApp nor I read texts often. I use only for making, receiving calls. So, this is a proof that I'm not in any relationship. (Quips)

Upcoming Films

Currently working in two films simultaneously. One is Kalyana Vybhogame under Nandini Reddy's direction and the other film is Ramesh Varma's directorial Abbayitho Ammayi. I'm very much hopeful on both these films. I'm not sure of which film would release first but expecting both films to release within a gap of 1 month. Films have shaped up well.

Any plans to work with big directors?

Who don't want to work with? But it should happen naturally. Hoping for such offers. I'm so confident on Kalyana Vybhogame and Abbayitho Ammayi that they would take me to the next level. Once the films hit the screens, big offers might lap up. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Diet Regime

I won't eat carbs (carbohydrates) after 5 PM to keep myself fit. I used to be an avid non-vegetarian and used to binge on non-veg. In fact, initially, I appointed a cook to prepare non-veg where he used to stand beside my caravan and would make it for me. One day I realised that I'm a hero but not a villain (laughs) to have food like this and stopped eating non-veg. I turned into vegetarian. Really, I'm feeling more light and happy now.

I know it's very difficult to control. Especially during parties, it's hard to resist. But all I'm doing is for cinema. The taste of success is what matters to me most.

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