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Interview with Samantha

Apr 21, 2016 05:24 AM samantha interview

This pretty actress has films with all the top heroes in the south including Vijay, Mahesh Babu, Dhanush, Suriya and Vikram. Samantha is now ruling the roost in south films and says she couldn’t be happier.

Are you happy with the roles you’re getting today?

Post 2014 I had made a promise to myself that if I wasn’t going to get good roles I would just quit. That’s a promise I intend on keeping. I won’t do any more films where I am required to do five songs and the scenes leading upto those songs. So a standard answer you’ll get from me on how’s my role is that it will be good. All the films I’m doing this year I am very happy about.

Were you disappointed that your initial Tamil films didn’t do well?

Of course. My first film was a Telugu release, Ye Maya Chesave, was a hit so I didn’t have much time to think about the failure. If that hadn’t happened, I’m sure there’d have been a lot of crying. (Laughs) I’m really glad I got my second chance in Tamil films.

How has 10 Endrathukulla turned out?

I have this dirty habit of not liking myself on screen. That’s not really a good thing because there’s a lot of me in this film. (laughs) I’m extremely nervous and really hoping for the best. This film will affect me at a personal level as well if it doesn’t do well.

This is your first film with Vikram.

Vikram has become a very good friend. I think I depended a lot on the guidance and experience of the hero and director. His approval means a lot to me because I have always held him in high regard. Vikram and the director were quite tough taskmasters. I love challenges and this movie is definitely a new challenge so I hope it’s paid off.

Were you excited to work with Dhanush?

Of course I was excited to work with him! He’s my favourite actor and I have so many fan girl moments when I see him on screen. He has an amazing body of work and he can transform himself into any character. I think I learnt from this working in this film, as well as Vijay’s and Suriya’s film

You’ve been cast opposite top actors like Suriya, Vijay,Naga Chaitanya, NTR Jr and Mahesh Babu repeatedly.

Actually I think I don’t work with new people because I work with same people again and again. It’s the case with directors as well. If you ask me what my greatest achievement is it’s the fact that I’ve worked with the same people again and again! I take great pride in that. More than awards, I love the thrill I feel when a director I have worked with before approaches me for another script. Again, it wouldn’t be a bad thing if I end my career working with them over and over again. I’m not complaining!

What do you think makes them sign you on for numerous films?

That’s a question you should ask them! (Laughs) It’s a mix of luck, commercial success and talent. This is not an industry where there’s a hierarchy – you become a star overnight and overnight you can be sent packing as well. 2015 is my most cherished year in terms of the characters I am playing. I feel really blessed to do the films that I’m doing this year and I can’t wait for my report cards to come in.

Are you looking at Bollywood?

I’m really happy here and I want to do more. Maybe when I’m really disappointed that I’m not getting good roles, I’ll think of Hindi films but as of now I have no reason to move.

What’s the inspiration for your philanthropic work?

I come from a lower than middle class family and had a humble upbringing. Even though we didn’t have much, my mom was a very giving person. Not in my wildest dreams did I think that God would give me so much. I always wanted to have that feeling of helping people. When I met the Dr Manjula, the co-founder of Pratyusha, I thought this is something I want to do. But I didn’t think Pratyusha would spread its wings so quickly and we’d able to do so much for children.

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