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'Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam' Movie Review

Jan 09, 2017 06:59 AM
Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam Movie Review
  • Release date : December 30th, 2016
  • Director : G. Nageswara Reddy
  • Producer : B V S N Prasad
  • Music Director : Sai Karthik
  • Starring : Allari Naresh, Kruthika Jayakumar, Mouryani ..

Time pass horror comedy

Allari Naresh has played many funny roles and some serious roles in his career. But for the first time he has acted in a horror comedy titled 'Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam'. Directed by G.Nageswara Reddy, who gave Naresh hits like 'Seema Sastry' and 'Seema Tapakai', this film has been produced by BVSN Prasad of 'Attarintiki Daaredi' and 'Nannaku Prematho' fame under SVCC banner. This movie has hit the theaters. Read on to know how the film is.


The guest house of Gopal (Rajendra Prasad) is possessed by a spirit and Allari Naresh, a band wala,enters the house in the disguise of a fake Swamiji,who can deal with the devil, so that he can make good money. Along with his friends, he fakes doing the job successfully and also gets paid handsomely. It is when he comes to know that the female ghost is expecting something from him and there is a small flashback. What does the ghost expect from Naresh ? Why does it come to Gopal's house ? How does everyone gets harassed by the devil ? Watch the film for more.


The performance of Allari Naresh is one of the major highlights of this movie. In tandem with Chammak Chandra and Shakalaka Shankar, who play his friends, he evokes good laughs. Kruthika Jayakumar, Mouryani, Rajendra Prasad, Pragathi and other give very good performances.

Technical aspects

The production values of Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra, the banner which produced many big films earlier, are very good. The cinematography is good. The songs are just ok. The dialogues by Diamond Ratna Babu are funny. The story is routine, but the director laces good entertainment. The direction is fine.

Plus Points

Allari Naresh

Shalaka Shankar and Chandra comedy

Entertainment in first half


Minus Points

Routine Story

comedy in second half and climax


'Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam' is the first horror comedy from Allari Naresh, who has acted in many rib tickling entertainers. Though the story is routine, director G Nageswara Reddy laces good entertainment. Allari Naresh is very good in the lead role and as a fake exorcist he tickles the audience funny bone. Chammak Chandra and Shakalaka Shankar also evoke laughs. But the film is predictable and the entertainment factor in the second half should have been better. All in all, IDNB ends up as an Ok horror comedy.


Time pass horror comedy Rating 3/5

Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam Movie
December 30th, 2016

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