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Keechaka Movie Review

Apr 21, 2016 06:38 AM
Keechaka Movie Review
  • Release date : October 30, 2015
  • Director : SVB.Chowdhary
  • Producer : Kishore Parvatha Reddy
  • Music Director : Josyabhatla
  • Starring : Yamini Bhaskar,Jwala Koti,Raghu Babu,Giri Babu,Mamata,Sriharsha,Sivannarayana

Brutal scenes shock all.

Story :

Software Engineer Sujatha (Yamini Bhaskar) takes leave from her company to complete her personal project and reaches Gandhinagar basti where people live in constant fear of Koti (Jwala Koti) who rapes every woman he likes.

People turn helpless as he enjoys political power. Koti bowled by Sujatha's beauty vows not to touch anyone unless he rapes her. To findout why Sujatha entered the dangerous basti where Koti is living and what is her project, watch Keechaka on screen.

Performance :

Yamini Bhaskar did good job as a girl who was traumatized by rape and out to take revenge. She could have expressed herself more.

Jwala Koti got the menacing looks and his expressions created required effect on screen. Raghu Babu performed well as a caring father. Others performed accordingly.

Technical :

Josyabhatla's music is ok but background score elevated the scenes. Editing of Rambabu could have been better.

Director SVB.Chowdhary came with routine story narrating how a woman single handedly inspires a locality to fight against a rapist. He could have added something new to generate interest. Production values are fine.

Plus Points :

Heroine's attempt to tackle villain

Jwala Koti

Background score

Minus Points :

Routine story

Lack of strong message

Extreme violence

Analysis :

SVB.Chowdhary who provided story for award winning film Minugurulu sometime back came with another powerful take on crimes against women. He chose to take a film on rapists Akku Yadav who raped more than 300 women.

Going by the filmmakers claims the film title and that depicted in the film highlighting villain's extreme tortures while doing rapes, it seems they came with a biopic on Akku Yadav rather than show how woman fought against rapes.

There is nothing much to talk about direction and screenplay as 70 percent of the film shows rape scenes brutally. First half is OK but second half dragged a bit. Lack of strong dialogues did not drive the powerful message against atrocities on women.


Keechaka's brutal scenes shock all Rating 2/5

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