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Ketugadu Movie Review

Apr 21, 2016 06:38 AM
Ketugadu Movie Review
  • Release date : September 18, 2015
  • Director : Kittu Nalluri
  • Producer : Venkatesh Balasani
  • Music Director : Sai kartheek
  • Starring : Tejus and Chandini Chowdary

One Time Watchable


Ketugadu story runs on a script about a thief, who steals cars (Tejus as Bolero Babu). He steals the cars that too in front of the owner. His life moves smooth for a while till he gets tangled into a controversial issue of a kidnap-murder chase of a rich girl Chandini. He wanted to save her life somehow.

There will be mind blowing twist in the film. He will be shocked when the actor comes to know about the real person, who is behind this controversial kidnap and murder case. By the mean time, he falls in love with beauty Chandini and love begins between them and all are combined together with the extreme comedy.

Do you want to know what is the major twist in the film? just go and watch Ketugadu in theaters.

Artistes Performances

Tejus had improved his acting skills in this film. He had given his best and the dialogue delivery was good.

Charming actress Chandini who is known for acting even before entering into films did a decent job and her expressions and body language looks amazing.

Praveen showcased good variations in comedy scenes

Some supporting casts also performed well.

Positive Points

Teju’s spontaneity added a big advantage to this film

Chandini’s stunning expressions and body language worked a lot in this film.

Climax is interesting and director excellently framed this film.

Background Music of the film will hepls lot to the film.

Rajiv Kanakala action hightlight in the film.

Negative Points

The basic plot of this movie has certain flaws and some scenes missed a real logic.

Some actors did not perform well and some scenes are boring in the film.

Un-necessary fights in the film.


Interestingly director had showcased every scene in an excellent manner. Screenplay was good and it connects all the scenes to ensure that the comedy exists till the end. Background score is decent.


One Time Watchable for movie lovers! ratig : 2.5/5


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