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Kick 2 live updates

Apr 21, 2016 05:24 AM kick2 live updates

Live Updates from Bramarambha - Hyderabad, India

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8:35 AM.

How Robin clears issues with Vilaspur village and ends everything on an happy note forms the rest of the storyline.

8:28 AM.

Tanikella Bharini clears things with Ribin and Robin gets to know the real Kick his father was talking about.

8:22 AM.

Soloman Singh Thaku Son of God will wait for you in theatre along with Robbinhood.

8:20 AM.

Message: Evvari problems vaalle solve vhukovaali

8:18 AM.

Final action sequence shot in desert and camera work as well action choreography are good

8:15 AM.

Surender Reddy has prepped for this movie way beyond what is needed... He could even have created Kick 3 with the content he is been trying to potray in Kick2

8:14 AM.

Once again movie has been turning out to be good.

8:12 AM.

Movie has been reaching to closure... Only final fight seem to be pending.

8:10 AM.

Tanikella Bharani is delivering utmost performance.

8:08 AM.

Tempo of the movie has been killed for multiple times and brought back.

8:06 AM.

Movie went into comedy pace from the emotional pace and then comming back to emotional pace...

8:02 AM.

Brahmanandam performance is just fine.

8:00 AM.

Folk atmosphere... Tons of dancers. Money is flown like water. Presents KICK. Teenmaar kukkuro. Song.

7:58 AM.

Mass maharaj Ravi Teja performance is energetic however his overall look is sort of weak in Kick2

7:56 AM.

Treatment of an action episode is good

7:55 AM.

Production cost of the movie has been remarkable.

7:50 AM.

Jabardasth chanti was shown in very nice character.

7:47 AM.

Rakul Preet Singh Lip Lock with Mass Maharaj Raviteja kicked off Bramhotsavam song

7:45 AM.

Nandamuri Taraka Rama arts production values are phenominal

7:44 AM.

Finally... Movie started picking much needed pace after long gap... Wonderful fight canned do beautifully

7:42 AM.

Kick2 Telugu Movie Review, Rating has moved over and just canned cruel death of an young lady charecter... Hero character has been phenomenally irritating for the last 20 mins

7:35 AM.

Movie is continuing ... Real Purpose of the movie has been established and lost ... Established and lost ... Established and lost... Re established... Hope this continues.... And movie lead to closure

7:29 AM.

Movie is continuing. Real Purpose of the movie has been established and lost. Established and lost. Established and lost. Re established. Hope this continues. And movie lead to closure

7:25 AM.

Another antagonist been established in the movie.

7:21 AM.

Some very emotional scenes are on now.. Movie is moving on a single thread.

7:17 AM.

Vilaaspoor struggles are presented beautifully with Padmayuham Modalaindi song.

7:16 AM.

Movie is going on... Comedy is cracking... Raviteja has been delivering awesome performance... But somewhere soul of the Kick2 Movie has not been established yet.

7:15 AM.

Movie is been going on at fast pace but not revealing itself much.

7:13 AM.

Post interval movie turns out to be out and out predictable. Robin (Raviteja) returns to Vilaspur for Charitra.

7:07 AM.

Tanikella bharani was shown for some reason movie is not revealing itself yet.

7:05 AM.

Few intro scenes of Kick to remind Kick movie, Kick Raviteja as father and his intro of his son to Kick Shyam, Robbinhood Raviteja as Comort Robbinhood, Solamon Singh Thakur and his Vilaaspoor episode... Pandit Raviteja comedy plot, Ashish Vidyarthi DD Land Grabbing... Rakulpreet Singh Love episode, way too much happenned on screen... Oh yeah, loudy background score, decent camera work

7:01 AM.

Interval bang reveals some improvements and plans made Vilaspur people.

6:59 AM.

Things are moving towards emotional sequences and Chaitra gets kidnapped.

6:53 AM.

Whole plot is running with fast pace however. Way too much of intelligence. Everything at it peak. Vilaaspoor location and sequences are well shot.

6:48 AM.

Cinematic liberties are used with huge comfort in so far. Computer Graphics are used in an opt manner... Background Music is way too louder.

6:46 AM.

Intelligence is at peaks.... Romance was shown in different way ... Comedy has been crude... Cruelty is shown in too cruel manner

6:45 AM.

Vivekananda (Posani) gets another solid short role, he teams up with Kovai Sarala for funny episode.

6:41 AM.

Pandit Raviteja episode of Bramhanandam is sort of too much but you know creativity has no limitations and at times has no meaning also.

6:35 AM.

In another side, Solamon Singh Thakur village vilaaspoor people have been expecting Robbinhood

6:30 AM.

Scenes of girl friend giving perks to boyfriend for being boy friend in background... Nice lyrics presented... Good melodious song Nuvve Nuvve Pranam

6:26 AM.

The concept line of Robin - Chaitra's (Rakul Preet) love recieces a huge applause from the fans.

6:25 AM.

Another antagonist Settlement Shankar (Ashish Vidyarthi) has been shown on screen ... Hero characterization has been critically shown so far... The scene between Ashish Vidhyarthi) and Robin (Raviteja) are hilarious.

6:17 AM.

"Mummy Kadupulo" is a nice song. Ravi Teja steps and Rakul's glamour are highlights of the song. Costly dresses, foreign locations, foreign dancers, different dance moments, foot tapping music, thoughtful lyrics.

6:13 AM.

Rakul preet Singh introduced as writer.

6:08 AM.

Both Hindi & Telugu voices are used together, which is something different to see on screen

6:04 AM.

It is way too much energetic and way too much background music, way too much character everything shown so far is truely exaggerating

6:00 AM.

Robin returns to settle things in a land grabbing case, but things move towards Kick's comfort zone.

5:56 AM.

Teja, Pandit Raviteja, Bramhanandam. Has been introduced.

5:53 AM.

Tanikella bharani and Jabardasth Venu was shown on screen.

5:50 AM.

Introduction of first Antagonist ... Salmon Singh Thakur son of god.... Heavvy fort... Too much heavvy background and nice animations and most cruel sequence used used in introduction.

5:47 AM.

Surender Reddy has been shown on screen in a cameo while introducing comfort Robbinhood Raviteja.

5:45 AM.

Animation sequence to introducing Robbinhood Raviteja by Kick Raviteja . Kick Shyam has been scene together with father Raviteja Kick fame introducing Comfort Robbinhood Raviteja.

5:43 AM.

Interesting conversation between Shyam and Kick and introduced Robin (Raviteja). And introduces comfort in style with Surrender Reddy.

5:40 AM.

Scenes of kick is playing.

5:36 AM.

Mass Maharaja's Kick 2 movie just Started.

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