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Lacchimdeviki O Lekkundi Critic Review By Pavan Survi

Apr 21, 2016 06:46 AM Lacchimdeviki O Lekkundi Critic Review By Pavan Survi

Star-cast : Naveen Chandra, Lavanya Tripathi Jayaprakash, Ajay, Brahmaji, Sampoornesh, Sufi Sayyed and Shankar Melkote.

Director : Jagadish Talasila

Music : M M Keeravani

Cinematography : Eshwar Yellumahanthi

Written by : Jagadish Talasila

Editing : Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao

Reserve Bank of India releases a G.O. to relinquish the information regarding unclaimed accounts of major banks to their online portal. Seeing this an opportunity, Ajay and team plan to steal the unaccounted money from the Janatha Bank, which is headed by Jaya Prakash Reddy. On the flipside, Naveen (Naveen Chandra) works in the Help desk and Devi (Lavanya Tripathi) works as an asst… Manager, who has received opportunity to find those unclaimed accounts list in the Janatha Bank. Ajay takes the help of Naveen to find the list of unclaimed accounts, then he hatches a scheme to steal the amount from the Anakalaama and Umadevi accounts. Did Ajay & team succeed in their plan? Or Did they fail in their attempt to claim authorization forms the rest of the storyline.

Talking about the performances and there is a huge competition happening among the lead actors to come up with the worst possible performance. With nothing to new to offer, Naveen Chandra looks effete and disinterested. Now, it is quite an enigma on why this hero selects some miserable movies so often in his career. Lavanya Tripathi tries really hard with changing characters and mannerisms, but his character lacks the scope for all those efforts. Ajay, Sampoornesh, Bhadram, Bhramaji, JP, Bhanu Shri have been casted to suit their branded tags.

Stories of Unaccounted money, and those induced into it by the lure of money, have definitely made an interesting plotline to read and listen to, but there is hardly any sparling viewing material when it’s adapted on to the screen. The mess of a screenplay has in its store no surprises, or sharp revelation for that matter. The plan to steal unclaimed accounts point that the film incorporates within itself is weakly constructed, and the points that it poses lack the potency to warrant discussion. The gut punch is missing this comedy-thriller, and the most anticipated thrills are sadly missing. Let’s leave the logic part aside.

This is expected to be a comedy thriller that would make you laugh and at the same time hold on to the edge of your seats in anticipation. However, what it does do is that it drags out, let you yawn – stretch your body and rest your head back in peace. Ad when you are about to rise from your seats finally, thinking that the worst is over and done with, there starts a cat and mouse chase that lasts for another 10-15 minutes. Whew!!

Coming to other technical aspects, Music by M M Keeravani is fine and the Background Score ably supported the theme. Cinematography by Eshwar Yellumahanthi is alright. The editor could have easily chop off too many poorly shot sequences in the second half. Dialogues are routine. Production Values of Mayukha Creations are average.

Director Jagadish Talasila’s Lacchimdeviki O Lekkundi could easily get an award in “testing audience patience” category. It requires a real patience to sit through this 110 minute “comedy thriller”. Watch this at your own risk.

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