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Loafer Movie Live Updates

Mar 24, 2016 03:55 AM Loafer Movie Live Updates

Updated at 11:30AM

Climax done. Movie has ended on a happy note..

Updated at 11:20AM

A massive mass fight is on in the climax..

Updated at 11:09AM

Time for yet another mass song.. Varun looks super mass ...

Updated at 10:59AM

Comedian Ali makes an entry as Spider Babu..

Updated at 10:50AM

The movie has moved on an emotional note.. Time for a massive fight.. Puri is showcasing Varun in a superb way..

Updated at 10:40AM

Sentiment song ” Suvvee Suvvalamma ” is Good !

Updated at 10:30AM

Villain Mukesh Rishi has made an entry now.. Raaja warns Mukhesh Rushi(Mother’s Brother) family. In couple of scenes director is trying to evoke emotions with no avail !

Updated at 10:25AM

Post interval twist has been revealed.. realizing Revathi is alive , Raaja ( Varun ) visits her place and tries to get her acceptance !

Updated at 10:10AM

Interesting twist in the tale.. Revathi makes re entry into the film...Interval now..

Updated at 09:54AM

Close to one hour of the run..Some romantic scenes between Varun Tej and Disha are on now..

Updated at 09:45AM

Time for Second song 'Nuvvu Yedustunte'...

Updated at 09:36AM

Mouni ( Disha Patani ) makes a serious entry...

Updated at 09:30AM

First Song ” Nokkeyyi , Docheyi ” is pretty average , with some sizzling movements by the Item dancer.He looks handsome.

Updated at 09:17AM

Right from childhood,Posani teaches his kid to be selfish and how to cheat people.. Kid grows up as Varun , shown as a pickpocketer set in Jodhpur.. A fight is on now..

Updated at 09:11AM

Movie starts off with a quarrel scene between couple ( Revathi , Posani ) and posani walks out the home with Kid !

Updated at 09:00 AM

Hi!! Telugu Movie Viewers.The movie has just started and is 139 minutes long..

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