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Loafer Movie Review

Apr 21, 2016 06:38 AM
Loafer Movie Review
  • Release date : December 17, 2015
  • Director : Puri Jagannadh
  • Producer : C Kalyan
  • Music Director : Sunil Kasyap
  • Starring : Varun Tej,Disha Patani, Revathi and Posani Krishna Murali

Varun’s all round performance

Loafer movie, starring Varun Tej and Disha Patani in the lead roles, released on December 17th. Maverick director Puri Jagan led the technical crew, while senior actress Revathi and actor Posani Krishna Murali played the lead supporting roles. Let us see how this movie is shaped up.

Story :

A cheater husband (Posani Krishna murali) marries a rich lady (Revathi) with an eye on her family properties. Sensing his intentions, after marriage, Revathi refuses to get her share from her family. Posani then involved in quarrel with her, snatches his one year old son and runs away from the home. Posani settles in Jodhpur(Rajasthan), trains his kid ( Names him as Raja) as a pickpocketer and this kid imbibed a selfish personality right from childhood. Posani tells Raja(Varun Tej) that his mother died in childhood.

Parijaatam ( Nick Name Mouni) , played by Disha Patani, is a lady who doesn’t like her arranged marriage proposal with Rich mining baron (Ali) and runs away from home. She too reaches Jodhpur, begins working as a guide at local forts. Parijaatam bumps into pickpocketer Raja in Jodhpur while he tries to steal her antique suitcase and as we saw zillion times this introduction turns into love.

Meanwhile, Parijatam and Raja’s mother (Revathi) knew each other back in their native place. How are they related to each other? How Raja comes to know his mother is alive? How he tries to get acceptance from his mother? How he rescue the local people in hometown from the clutches of the villain Mukhesh Rushi ? To know these, watch the movie on big screen.

Performances :

Varun Tej is growing in strength and showing the different shades of his acting apart from sentiment, which comes to him naturally. He romances and even fights for the right. The movie completely belongs to Varun Tej and should be considered a high milestone for the bright career ahead of him. Disha Patani looks gorgeous, curvy and lovely. She does her part well in her debut film. This character looks a bit under cooked for her energy levels.

Revathi, Mukesh Rishi and Posani are well-acted. There is no proper characterizations to anyone of the lead actors. Charandeep and Harish Uthaman leaves a mark as a rugged goons. Ali, Brahmanandam, Sapthagiri, Dhanraj and Sandy failed to tickle the funny bone.

Technical Aspects :

Varun Tej has been styled in a superb way and looks apt in his look. Dialogues by Puri are good and so was the editing. Screenplay is pretty good and holds for most part of the first half. Art work is realistic. The production values of “C K Entertainments” are alright.

Music by Sunil Kashyap is mediocre. But the background score by Sunil is top notch and touching. However, after a point in the second half, Puri looses out on ideas and introduces some unnecessary characters. But credit should go to him completely for showcasing Varun in a superb way and extracting wonderful performance from the young star.

Plus Points :

Varun Tej's Performance

Mother Sentiment

P.G.Vinda’s Photography

Minus Points :

Dull Screenplay

Predictable story line

Songs ( Except Suvvee Suvvalamma Song ) and forced Comedy tracks

Analysis :

Director in Puri succeeded in making Loafer. But it’s writer in Puri who failed. Blame Puri for his writing. Neither the story, nor the screenplay or even the dialogues nothing is impressive. Only where Puri succeeded is as a director. He shot the film well. Though there’s nothing much lag in the film, screenplay is a bit dull. One doesn’t need much IQ to predict the scenes one after the other. Puri usually comes up with witty dialogues be it in Pokiri or Businessman. This time he sticks to normal dialogues. Though they’re preachy, anti-God a la in Businessman, something wit is lacking. There’re several loose ends as well. But Puri manages it well.

The film leaves you a deja vu feeling. Many of Puri’s past films and previous other films come to memory while watching Loafer. On whole, one has to walk out of theatre with a mixed feeling as it gives something missing.

Verdict :

Overall, Loafer is film which will do wonders for Varun Tej’s confidence and career. The lanky hero steals the show in a mass avatar and impresses big time. But a predictable story line, hurried up climax and below average music spoil the mood of the film. Finally, do not expect anything out of the box and only give this film a shot for a typical Puri narration, mother sentiment and Varun’s all round performance. Rating 2.75/5

Loafer Movie
December 17, 2015

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