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Manamantha's climax will be disturbing : Chandrasekhar Yeleti

Aug 22, 2016 05:10 AM  Manamantha's climax will be disturbing : Chandrasekhar Yeleti

Though he hasn't had many 'commercial' hits, Chandrasekhar Yeleti known for his knack to experiment and he always tries to offer something new to the audiences. His 'Manamantha', which marks the comeback of Mohanlal in Telugu cinema, releases on 5th August. Ahead of the release, the 'Okkadunnadu' director shares his 'Prayanam' with the Malayalam Superstar, why he takes so much time to make movies etc.

Human Emotions

I've tried different genres like thriller, adventure, love story and action earlier. But 'Manamantha' revolves around human emotions and family values. It is the story of four different people of different age groups and how their lives turn upside down with one incident. The film is all about how we commit mistakes in our lives when everything is not going on well. Mohanlal's dialogue in the trailer, "Brathakadam Nerchukunna Anukunna Gaani, Manishilaa Brathakadam Marichipoyaanu, eppudu marchipoyaano theliyadhu" hints it.

Complete Actor

'As said, 'Manamanatha' revolves around human emotions and the performances of artists should be top class to get the required output. Mohanlal is a complete actor and I felt he would be very apt for the role. We were lucky to get him on board. He did complete justice to his role. He event learnt Telugu for the role and dubbed himself. Audiences wouldn't find any flaws in his dubbing and the emotions wouldn't be diluted.

Disturbing climax

Everyone would relate themselves to a character or a situation in the movie. The climax will be disturbing. Audiences will get connected to the emotions

Can't understand

Okkadunnadu was praised as a good movie, but it wasn't a commercial success. But audiences love it watching on TVs even now. I can't understand why "Anukokunda Oka Raju" was a commercial failure. I feel it is my best work till now. Now many are approaching for the remake rights of 'Prayanam', which was also not received very well. Lack of multiplexes and no overseas market when those movies released might be the reasons behind their 'commercial' failure.

Not a conscious decision

It is not a conscious decision to take long gap between films. As I have to prepare the story, screenplay myself and direct the movie, it would take not less than one and half years for me to make a movie. I have two stories ready for my upcoming films and also have producers.

I've also no issues to work with star actors. But I have to prepare the right subject for them. Audiences would be disappointed if I make experimental movies with stars.

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