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Maryan Movie Review

Apr 21, 2016 06:38 AM
maryan Movie Review
  • Release date :November 20, 2015
  • Director : Bharat Bala
  • Producer : Viswanathan Ravichandran
  • Music Director : A R Rahman
  • Starring : Dhanush, Parvathy

Mariyaan is dubbed version of Maryan film directed by Bharat Bala starring Dhanush alongside Parvathi.Produced by Venu Ravichandran, the film has music and background score composed by A R Rahman and cinematography by Marc Koninckx. Dialogues in the film are penned by R N Joe D’ Cruz. The film revolves around a story of human survival adapted from a newspaper article of a real-life crisis event, when three oil workers from Tamil Nadu were kidnapped and taken hostage in Sudan by mercenaries. The film is an emotional journey of a common man to an unknown place with the hope to come home and lead a better life. The film released in Auro 3D sound formaton selective screens in India and worldwide on 19 July 2013. The film received positive critical reception in India. At the Box Office of USA, the film had the biggest opening amongst all Indian films releasing on the same date. However, in Tamil Nadu the film was declared as an average grosser.

Story :

Maryan is a spirited young man who shares a deep bond with the sea and calls himself the ‘Prince of the Ocean’ as that is where he plies his trade and earns his livelihood in an adventurous manner. Circumstances surrounding his lady love Panimalar, force him to seek employment as a construction worker in Sudan. Just as he is about to return home, things take a turn for the worse.

Will the power of Maryan’s love for Panimalar cross geographical boundaries and prove to be his elixir?

Performences :

Dhanush has mastered pain and suffering on screen and he has apparently gone through an extraordinary physical struggle for the second half. His emotional prowess is displayed in the scenes when he mourns his dear friend’s loss, during his lovelorn phone calls with Panimalar and when he overcomes his starvation with an imaginary feast of seafood. When he bursts out and expresses how workers such as him are impoverished and helpless, you can feel his agony. Expect more awards to knock at the star’s doorstep.

Parvathy Menon is all oomph and looks really attractive in authentic native costumes. She is a terrific actress and shows her emoting range in Maryan. Her chemistry with Dhanush is really intimate and adds a lot of depth to the movie.

Technical Aspects :

Rahman is one word “Awesome”, be it the BGM or the songs, they sizzle throughout. In the scenes that follow the struggle of Mariyan it inspires and motivates perennially. For the underwater scenes, Rahman’s ripple effect on the waters magnify with Auro 3D crystal clearly, that its realism demystified. And Marc the French Cinematographer! Boy what can we say about him! The rusty deserts, serene oceans, the fishy tale, enigmatic love and infinite range of visual awesomeness sum up his work. For the African part of the movie he has used mild and varied color tone.A bunch of Kudos to editing work by Vivek.

Plus Points :


Rahman’s Music and BGM



Minus Point :

Slow paced narration

Verdict :

A movie with breathtaking visuals, heart-stopping music, terrifically talented cast set on a very leisurely paced narrative. Rating 3/5

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