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Mega family is ready to step in Chiru’s 150th film

Apr 21, 2016 05:24 AM mega-family

This is one the lines of expected treat. In Megastar Chiranjeevi's forthcoming rebound flick, the compelling 150th, all the star mega legends will be thing young men. None other than the film's maker Ram Charan has affirmed this today. Imagine a scenario in which Chiru says no for these thing stars.

'It's my creation. I've to offer the film to bigger number of groups of onlookers and rake in the moolah. As of now I've addresses Baabai Pawan Kalyan and cousin Bunny. We three will be moving for a solitary thing number inside the flick, to give a mega fans a complete treat' says Charan. That is fine, however shouldn't something be said about the chief and story. 'Just thing is that we need to get the story prepared. Four star executives have called me and said that they have dates. I'm upbeat that they themselves are coming in', include Charan.

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