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Memu Movie Review

Jul 15, 2016 12:49 AM
Memu Movie Review
  • Release date : July 08th, 2016
  • Director : Pandiraj
  • Producer : Julakanti Madhusudan Reddy
  • Music Director : Arrol Corelli
  • Starring : Suriya, Amala Paul ...

Must watch for parents

Finally, 'Memu', the Telugu version of Suriya's Tamil movie 'Pasanga 2' has hit the screens today after multiple delays. Is the film worth the wait ? Read on


Two kids Navin and Naina suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. They are hyperactive and their parents are forced to keep on changing them schools due to their naughty acts. Clueless about their condition, their respective parents approach a child psychiatrist (Suriya), who along with his wife (Amala Paul), decides to help the children overcome their disorder. How they do it forms the rest of the story

Technical aspects

The production values are good. Cinematography is good. Though the story is good, the screenplay should have been better. Music is just ok. The songs act as speed breakers to the narration. Director does a fine job, but he should have concentrated on the screenplay.


Needless to say, Suriya pulled off the role of child psychiatrist with elan and Amala Paul is also good. Amala Paul also does a good job. Bindu Madhavi as a clueless mother worried about her child's condition is quite good. The children are excellent and audiences would love their performances.

Plus points



Minus points

Slow narration


'Memu' is a very good attempt by director Pandiraj. The core plot of the film is novel and as the problem Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children was never dealt before. The director showcases the problems being faced by children and parents today well. But the execution should have been better. But the film has a good message and parents should watch it.


Emotional but not preachy Must watch for parents Rating 2.75/5

Memu Movie
July 08th, 2016

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