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I learnt it from the failure of 'Jabardasth' : Nandini Reddy

Apr 19, 2016 07:34 AM I learnt it from the failure of 'Jabardasth' : Nandini Reddy

Nandini Reddy is upbeat about his forthcoming film 'Kalyana Vaibhogame'. She says that she is very relaxed ahead of the release of the film since she is very sure that the film will be successful. She also talks about what she learnt from the failure of 'Jabardasth' in this interview.


Not preachy

'Kalyana Vaibhogame' is about the fears, apprehensions and confusion of the current generation about marriage and what are they expecting. It also explores the other generation's point of view.Having said that, I am not preachy. I doesn't like to be preachy. We tried to tell the film in a fun way with some touching moments. There will loads of fun in the film.

Real humour

I don't like forced comedy or separate comedy tracks in my movies. The humour in KV would be real and the characters would be relatable.

I narrate differently

I don't think the stories of my previous films are different. We have seen numerous films with such stories. I try to tell a known story differently.I think my way of narration is different and that is what worked out for my first film.

Fitted the bill

I felt Naga Shaurya is perfect for the role I've written and he has done a very good job. Even Malavika Nair is a very good performer. Both of them fitted the bill perfectly. They will sure impress the audiences.

Learnt it from that failure

I learnt a lot from the failure of 'Jabardasth'. When I was making that film, I was trying to be a different person. It was not real me. I made that film out of fear. The fear that I wouldn't be able to repeat the success. I learnt from that failure that I should make a film only if the subject is close to my heart and shouldn't hear to others. I want to enjoy the process of film-making. I enjoyed every moment during the process of making 'Kalyana Vaibhogame' and the subject is very close to my heart. I am sure the audiences would love the film and would like to talk about it.

All genres

As a director, I would like to try all genres, but as said earlier, I should be excited about the subject

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