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Nannaku Premato Live Updates

Mar 24, 2016 04:06 AM Nannaku Premato Live Updates

Updated at 07:43 AM

Keep watching for the complete movie review...

Updated at 07:40 AM

A very emotional and spell binding climax has come to an end...

Updated at 07:33 AM

A very interesting climax is on without any bloodshed and fights.....Sukumar direction is good

Updated at 07:30 AM

Movie heading towards the climax

Updated at 07:28 AM

Jagapathi Babu is doing a superb job...

Updated at 07:25 AM

Some very emotional and intelligent scenes are now being showcased....

Updated at 07:20 AM

The revenge drama and the way it is being showcased is quite new....

Updated at 07:15 AM

Yet another twist in the tale....

Updated at 07:10 AM

Time for a mass number now...Finally NTR is showing his dance moves....

Updated at 07:00 AM

Rakul has joined the mind games now

Updated at 06:55

A very interesting twist is on now...

Updated at 06:48 AM

This time it is a sad number..Love me again..London is being showcased in night mode..

Updated at 06:46 AM

Time for yet another song..

Updated at 06:45 AM

Some very interesting and moving scenes between Rajendra Prasad and NTR are on now.

Updated at 06:40 AM

Post interval the scene gets emotional..

Updated at 06:28 AM

Simple and very interesting interval twist.. Break time now.

Updated at 06:25 AM

Movie heading to interval.

Updated at 06:20 AM

Mind game kind of a revenge drama in on...

Updated at 06:15 AM

Some very interesting twists between NTR ad Jagapathi Babu are on now..

Updated at 06:10 AM

Third song Manasulo Neelo.. on now.. Rakul looks gorgeous and NTR has been styled superbly..

Updated at 06:05 AM

Some very interesting romantic scenes between NTR and Rakul are on in true Sukumar style..

Updated at 05:50 AM

Time for super hit song Follow Follow..NTR looks super handsome and all the dance steps are quite classy

Updated at 05:37 AM

She has dubbed in her own voice and it sounds very good..

Updated at 05:35 AM

She is the rich daughter of Jagapathi Babu..

Updated at 05:30 AM

Rakul Preet Singh makes an entry..

Updated at 05:20 AM

Rajendra Prasad makes an entry as NTR’s dad.. The movie is based in London

Updated at 05:15 AM

Time for the first song don’t stop... A different and unique intro song in NTR films so far no major dance steps

Updated at 05:06 AM

Here comes the young tiger NTR..He makes a simple entry..The fans are going crazy

Updated at 05:03 AM

The titles are now rolling in quite an innovative way.. In true Sukumar style..

Updated at 05:00 AM

The show has just started and it is 168 minutes long.. The crowds are going Crazy..

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