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Story is my first priority : Nara Rohit

Apr 13, 2016 06:58 AM Story is my first priority : Nara Rohit

Nara Rohit is the most busiest young actor at present. He has six films lined up for release and he is in discussions for some more projects. His 'Tuntari', the remake of Tamil movie 'Maan Karate', is going to hit the screens on 11th March. On this occasion, Rohit opens up about his career, how he is managing multiple projects at a time, when he is going to sport six pack abs etc in an interview.


How is 'Tuntari' going to be ?

As the title indicates, the hero will be mischievous guy and the film will be a fun ride. I've never played such role and I love it. I also had to work on my dance moves.

Reason behind opting for a remake ?

When I watched the Tamil version, I liked the way protagonist's characterization was designed and agreed to act in the film.

Isn't it exhausting and confusing to make so many films at a time ?

I don't get confused because I get into the character immediately when I go a film's set. I am young and fit. So, working for multiple projects at a time is not at all a problem.

Hero Kumar Nagendra's previous film was a flop. What was the reason behind giving him an opportunity ?

Don't forget he is the guy, who directed 'Gundello Godari'. He is a very talented Hero and I felt things didn't fall into place for his previous movie. He directed 'Tuntari' very well and I am very happy with the output.

You are from a political family. Is there any influence of it on your career ?

Just because my uncle is a chief minister, stories don't get conceived. If I really want to use my political background, I would have worked with Heros like Rajamouli. But I know which kind of stories are suitable to me. My first preference is always for story.

Are you working out for six pack abs ?

I wanted to sport six pack abs in 'Tuntari'. But somehow it didn't happen. But for a movie, which will start in June, I really wanted to hit the gym. I will sport six pack abs in that movie.

When are you going to get married ?

I am too busy to get married now. I will not marry in the near future, at least this year.

Are you acting in Balakrishna's 100th movie as being speculated ?

Nothing has been decided regarding that yet. But if I get a chance, I will definitely act in the movie, even if I am offered a small role.

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