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No Reality shows from Ohmkar

Mar 24, 2016 03:55 AM No Reality shows from Omkar

Anchor Omkar is a known name across Telugu households for his game shows like "Aata" and others. There are huge numbers of fans, admirers and even haters for this talented celebrity.

Next Thursday on October 22nd, Omkar is coming up with "Raju Gari Gadhi" movie. This is his second directorial venture after "Genius". What has Omkar to say about this flick?

"Genius got critical acclaim but we have overshot the budget. For that reason it's a commercial failure. Also the the film has a serious tone. But Raju Garu Gadhi is a different movie. This will be a comedy thriller with shades of horror. You will like it", he says.

Also Omkar stated that he cannot travel for TV now. "I cannot travel on two boats. Not interested to make any reality shows for a while, as my focus is fully shifted to movies. But will decided on my next after Raju Gari Gadhi releases", Omkar said.

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