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'Okkadu Migiladu' Movie Review

Nov 22, 2017 10:30 PM
Okkadu Migiladu Movie Review
  • Release date : November 10th, 2017
  • Director : Ajay Andrews Nuthakki
  • Produced by : Laxmi Kanth
  • Music Director : Siva R Nandigam
  • Starring : Manchu Manoj Kumar, Anisha Ambrose

Highly emotional

Talented actor Manchu Manoj, who has been waiting for a proper hit for a couple of years, teamed up with Ajay Andrews Nuthakki for the movie, 'Okkadu Migiladu', which sees him in dual roles. One of the roles is LTTE Prabhakaran and it has created curiosity. Anisha Ambrose played the female lead in this movie. Read on to know how the film is.


Surya (Manoj) is a student leader, who fights for the rights of his fellow students and even gets jailed in the process. Anisha plays a journalist. A flashback is narrated by Surya in which, Captain Peter (also played by Manoj) fights for the rights of Tamilians in Srilanka. How Manoj comes to the rescue of Srilankan refugees, who comes to India, after enduring many difficulties and an ordeal during the boat journey forms the rest of the story. What is the link between Surya and Peter will also be interesting.

Technical aspects

The film has an emotional storyline and clearly, the director has done a lot of research. The background score is very apt for the film. The cinematography and art work are good. The boat sequence was shot well. The director doesn't deviate much from the story.


Manoj is convincing both as Peter and Surya, a young student leader. He pulls off the roles perfectly. He is very good in the emotional scenes. Director Ajay Andrews is seen in a crucial role and he is very good. Anisha Ambrose and others are good in their roles.

Plus Points




Boat Sequence

Minus Points

Loud at times

No Entertainment (for those who expect it)


'Okkadu Migiladu' is based on the problems faced by Tamilians in Srilanka during the 90s and how LTTE Prabhakaran fought for them and a fictional story in the present era. The director has done a lot of research on the problems being faced not only by Srilankan refugees but also the refugees around the world. Manchu Manoj as LTTE Prabhakaran is convincing and gives a very good performance. It's a very emotional story and the actors do a good job. The boat sequence, where Srilankan refugees are stranded in water and the ordeal they go through during the process, was shown well. It's a serious film and audience can't expect comedy from it. All in all, it's a good attempt to showcase the problems being faced by refugees.


Highly emotional Rating 3/5

Okkadu Migiladu Movie
November 10th, 2017

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