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OMG!!! Shocking original run-time of 'Arjun Reddy'

Aug 23, 2017 07:54 AM
Arjun Reddy movie poster

Many directors are being particular about the run-time of their films is less than two and half hours as the attention span of audiences is getting lesser now. Rarely, we are seeing films with run-time of more than two and half hours. But the run-time of 'Arjun Reddy' is 3 hours.

What's more shocking is the original run-time of the Vijay Devarakonda starrer is 3 hours 40 minutes and the director wanted to release the film with the original run-time at any cost. But as many distributors demanded him to trim down the film, director Sandeep Reddy Vanga trimmed it by 40 minutes, as he was left with no other option.

Though the run-time of the film is 3 hours, the director is very sure that the film will not bore the audiences even a bit and the performance of Vijay Devarakonda will shock them.

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