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Rayudu Movie Review

Jun 03, 2016 04:45 AM
Rayudu Movie Review
  • Release date : May 27th, 2016
  • Director : M. Muthiah
  • Producer : J.Venkatesh
  • Music Director : D. Imman
  • Starring : Vishal,Sri Divya....

Oora Mass Entertainer

Vishal and Muttaih of 'Komban' fame joined forces for the movie 'Rayudu'. The Tamil version, 'Maruthu' opened to positive response last week and the Telugu version hits the screens today. Does the film impress the Telugu audiences ? Read on


Rayudu (Vishal) is a load man. He lives with his grandmother and does anything for her. Rayudu's grandmother wants him to fall in love with Sridivya and marry her. Along with her lawyer father, Sridivya files a complaint against a politician (R.K.Suresh), accusing him of murdering her mother. How Rayudu saves his love interest as the politician hatches a plan to kill her forms the rest of the story.


With his toned physique and mass avatar, Vishal impresses as a protagonist. He effortlessly gets into the character. Telugu girl Sridivya gets a good role to play and she is at her best. Producer turned actor R.K.Suresh is very good in the negative role. Soori, Kulappulli Leela and others do justice to their roles.

Technical aspects

The cinematography of the movie is fine and so is Imman's background score. Anal Arasu's action choreography is very good. Production values are also good.

Plus points

Vishal's mass look and performance

Sri Divya

Action sequences

Minus points

Predictability of the story

Nativity is missing


When it comes to action movies with high-octane sequences, Vishal is one of the best among Tamil actors and the actor once again impresses in a mass role. 'Rayudu' is packed with good action, fun and sentiment. The story is predictable, but the performances, action sequences and good romantic scenes make the film a decent watch. All in all, 'Rayudu' is another good mass entertainer from Vishal.


'Rayudu' is a Oora Mass Entertainer. Watch it. Rating 3/5

Rayudu Movie
May 27th, 2016

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