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RGV Shocking tweets on 'RIP RGV' Message by Pawan fans

Apr 21, 2016 05:24 AM rgv-rip-by-pawan-fans

With his late night tweets, once RGV has irritated Pawan Kalyan fans. Few days before RGV blamed fans of Pawan and called them as illiterate, He pointed out that Powerstar has lesser number of followers in twitter than Mahesh Babu, Samantha etc.

The comments of RGV didn't goes well with Pawan fans and some angered fans tried to irk him in social media. Today once again RGV attacked Pawan fans by keeping a picture which having 'RIP RGV' message.

RGV feels that more than for farmers Pawan should work for the development of his fans. He made below comments by posting the above picture.

"Like I said this is reality of PK fans..hope they will get less uncivilised and his Twitter following will increase

English in this is proof of PK fans illiteracy ..More than help for farmers PK should start schools for his fans

As a mega fan of PK my request to PK fans is to become literate and not make him feel embarrassed about his own fans

U can kill me in thoughts but can't kill my thoughts...illiterates nd technically handicapped People can't understand

As a Mega Power fan of PK fan,my request to all illiterate PK fans is to atleast learn from Mahesh fans

I request Mahesh fans to translate my English tweets as a social service to illiterates and technically handicapped

I think more than for farmers PK should work for the development of his fans..because farmers never bought his tickets"

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