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Right Right Movie Review

Jul 05, 2016 01:48 AM
Right Right Movie Review
  • Release date : June 10th, 2016
  • Director : Manu
  • Producer : J. Vamsi Krishna
  • Music Director : J.B
  • Starring : Sumanth Ashwin, Pooja Jhaveri and Prabhakar...

'Right Right' - Not everything went 'right' for the film

Sumanth Ashwin, one of the promising young actors in Tollywood, has been looking for a proper hit to get a foothold in the industry. He teamed up with Manu of 'Kavya's Diary' for the movie 'Right Right', which is the remake of Malayalam movie 'Ordinary'. Read on to find out more details about the film.


Ravi (Sumanth Ashwin) is conductor of a bus which shuttles between two villages and Seshu (Prabhakar) is the bus driver. Ravi aspires to become a police officer and meanwhile he falls in love with a commuter (Pooja). Ravi proposes to her and she reciprocates. One fateful day, Ravi is forced to drive the bus as Seshu gets drunk. The bus runs over a man, which leads to chaos. Who is that person ? Will the hero get out the mess ? Watch the film for answers.

Technical aspects

The production values are good. The cinematographer does a good job. He showcases the locations in good light. Music is ok. The dialogues are also good.


Sumanth Ashwin fits the bill well. He is good in the lead role. 'Kalakeya' Prabhakar once again impresses. Pooja Jhaveri and Pavani Gangireddy are good in their roles.

Plus points

Sumanth Ashwin's performance


Interval and second half

Minus points

Slow pace



'Right Right' would have ended up as a good watch if it is racy, but the proceedings are a bit slow. But the film has an interesting story line and very good moments. Sumanth Ashwin does a good job and so is Prabhakar. If you doesn't mind the slow pace of the film, you would end liking it.


'Right Right' - Not everything went 'right' for the film. But a good one time watch. Rating 2.75/5

Right Right Movie
June 10th, 2016

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