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Rojulu Marayi Movie Review

Jul 05, 2016 01:51 AM
Rojulu Marayi Movie Review
  • Release date : July 1st, 2016
  • Director : Murali Krishna Mudidani
  • Story & Screenplay : Maruthi
  • Producer : Dil Raju
  • Music Director : J.B
  • Starring : Chetan Maddineni, Parvatheesam, Kruthika, Tejaswi Madivada ...

Time pass entertainer

As Maruthi penned the story and Dil Raju presented it, there has been good buzz around 'Rojulu Marayi', which stars Chetan, Parvateesam ('Kerintha' fame), Tejaswi Madivada and Krithika Jayakumar of 'Drishyam' fame in the leads. This movie has been released today. Let's see how it is.


Rambha (Tejaswi Madivada) and Aadhya (Krithika) are modern and independent girls. Though they are wooed by Peter (Parvatheesam) and Ashwath (Chetan), they are uninterested and instead plan to marry rich guys by using these two as scapegoats. The two girls happen to meet a sage, who reveals something shocking. Oblivious to Rambha and Aadhya's intentions, Ashwath and Peter marry them. In a shocking turn of events, Ashwath and Peter are found dead one day. The rest of the story is all about the reason behind their death and who are involved in it.


Tejaswi and Krithika are very good in the roles, so are the lead actors Chetan and Parvatheesam. All of them gave good performances and look good. Comedians Ali, Jabardasth Apparao etc have limited roles and but are ok.

Technical aspects

The production values are very good. The background score by J.B. is apt and is one of the positives of the movie. Cinematography is good. The screenplay in the second half should have been better. Director does a decent job.

Plus points

Lead actors' performances

Background score


Minus points

No freshness in story

Second half


Maruthi's story for 'Rojulu Marayi' has nothing new to offer. But the comedy and the performances of the lead actors are very good. It starts off well and the first half is decent. But the second half seems to be dragged and most of it should have been edited out. All in all, 'Rojulu Marayi' is for few laughs.


'Rojulu Marayi' is a Time pass entertainer Rating 2.5/5

Rojulu Marayi Movie
July 1st, 2016

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