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'Rouge' Movie Review

Apr 03, 2017 12:30 AM
Rouge Movie Review
  • Release date : March 31st, 2017
  • Director : Puri Jagannadh
  • Produced by : C.R.Manohar
  • Music Director : Sunil Kashyap
  • Starring : Ishaan, Mannara Chopra, Angela Krislinzki ..

Mass entertainer

Puri Jagannadh, who has been laying low with back to back flops, is back with the movie, 'Rogue'. Ishaan, nephew of 'Mahatma' producer CV Manohar, makes his debut as hero with this movie. Thakur Anoop Singh of 'Singam 3' and 'Winner' fame plays the villain. Mannara Chopra and Angela Krislizki acted opposite Ishaan in this movie, which was touted as a love entertainer. Read on to know whether it is really like another "Chantigadi Premakatha".


Chanti (Ishaan) gets jailed after beating up a constable black and blue, on the day his girlfriend Anajli (Angela), who cheated him for a police officer, gets married. The constable's legs get broken and Chanti feels sorry for him. As soon as he comes out of the jail, he goes straight to the constable's house and repents. Chanti promises to take care of the constable's family and eventually, the latter's sister (Mannara Chopra) falls for him. All is well till a psycho (Thakur Anoop Singh), who escapes from jail, targets Mannara and creates problems for her. How Chanti goes about solving all those issues forms the rest of the story.


Debutante Ishaan surprises everyone with this ease and energy. Though 'Rogue' is his debut movie, he acts as if he has an experience of more than 10 movies. He is here to stay. Thakur Anoop Singh acts superbly as a pyscho and the young villain will get many more offers after this movie. Mannara Chopra looks good and acts well. Angela is also good. Both the actresses don't shy away from skin show.

Technical aspects

Puri Jagannadh chooses good locations for the movie. Kolkata has been shown in a good light by the cinematographer and the songs were also shot well. Sunil Kashyap's background score is good, though the songs are just about ok. The dialogues are good and will strike a chord with the youth and mass audiences.

Plus Points


Thakur Anoop Singh


Minus Points

Second half

Ali's Comedy


One of the biggest plus points of 'Rogue' movie is hero Ishaan. The debutante proves that he is a potential star hero material and he could make it big in the industry given he selects the rights scripts. Thakur Anoop Singh also impresses as a villain. The film is a full on mass entertainer with Puri mark dialogues. But the 'Temper' director somehow disappoints the audiences in the second half. Ali's comedy is also not good. All in all, 'Rogue' is mass entertainer which will be loved by some sections of the audiences.


Rogue - Mass entertainer Rating 2.5/5

Rouge Movie
March 31st, 2017

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