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Shankarabharanam Movie Live Updates

Mar 24, 2016 03:55 AM Shankarabharanam Movie Live Updates

Updated at 11:30AM

Climax done. Keep watching this space for the complete movie review.

Updated at 11:24AM

A hilarious climax with confusion is on now.. Comedian Prudhvi is doing a good job.

Updated at 11:13AM

So many twists in the film are now being cleared.. Movie heading towards climax..

Updated at 11:04AM

Time for a song featuring Munni Didi ( Anjali ) Choreography is good

Updated at 10:57AM

Anjali makes an entry as lady kidnapping gang head Munni Didi..

Updated at 10:51AM

Kidnapping gang rivalry is being showcased in a comedy mode..

Updated at 10:40AM

Comedian Krishna Bhagwan makes an entry now.. Movie has got into a comedy mode..

Updated at 10:35AM

'30 years industry' Prudhvi makes an entry now.. Scene shifts into a major kidnapping drama..

Updated at 10:25AM

Third song now.. The villains are getting drunk and irritating Nikhil..

Updated at 10:20AM

Post interval, the film heads into a comedy zone.. Hero Nikhil has been kidnapped..

Updated at 10:01AM

its time for Interval ....

Updated at 09:48AM

Some comedy scenes featuring Nikhil and Raghu Babu are on now..

Updated at 09:35AM

Time for the second song.. A wedding number.. Nikhil is showcasing his dancing skills.

Updated at 09:15AM

Comedian Saptagiri has made an entry now. Some hilarious comedy scenes between Saptagiri and Nandita are on now..

Updated at 09:11AM

Heroine Nanditha has been introduced.

Updated at 09:07AM

Hero Nikhil lands in India.. Movie has shifted to Bihar.

Updated at 09:00AM

Time for Hero Nikhil's entry.. A beach song is on now..Nikhil looks extreamly stylish as an NRI.

Updated at 08:54AM

The movie kick starts in Bihar which has been showcased as a land of kidnappings...

Updated at 08:47AM

Hi!! Telugu Movie Viewers.The movie has just started with a voice over..

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